Redheart by Jackie Gamber

I was most fortunate to be contacted by Seventh Star Press and asking if I was interested in reviewing a new book for them. I was eager even though I have a TBR pile about as tall as I am, ok taller. I really do need to spend a month or two catching up with things.

I liked the sound of Redheart by Jackie Gamber and was even more excited when it arrived in the mail. The cover is beautiful and the swag I got with it featuring art by Matthew Perry is amazing. Fantastic looking glossy prints of artwork for the book and a bookmark featuring the art from the cover. Lovely really.

The book was so enjoyable, about humans and dragons. My Teaser Tuesday by the way was of a Dragon with a pigeon in it’s mouth which I realized after was not clear when I got questions about what was going on lol trust me it makes sense in the book. Lots on magic and such.

The book features a dragon Kallon Redheart who has turned his back on dragons and humans. He lives isolated, no contact with anyone till one day he meets Riza Diantus a girl with a big heart and mind so open and free. I really loved these two, such great characters.

The story about the past, stepping up and coming into your own and a friendship that is true.
A journey of magic, friendship, dragonslayer, evil dragon leader, courage, destiny and knowing what’s in your heart brings these two together and gives the reader a great time.

Jackie who is a Mary Shelly Award winner writes beautifully. It was a pleasure to read and I just kept wanting to read more.

I liked Redheart very much and would love to read the second and third book in this series. Redheart can be read alone though no giant cliffhangers. The second book in the series which I know the title to be Sela yikes I hope it was ok for me to say that comes out in late 2011 and the third in 2012

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a great fantasy novel. Jackie has been kind enough to do an author interview and guest post which will be coming in the next couple of days.

My great thanks to Jackie and Seventh Star Press for allowing me to enjoy and review Redheart.

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