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I love the strut meme and Nanny always has an interesting question for the week. This weeks question however makes me laugh as I practically live in the place in question.

Question of the week: Have you ever been to an adult store?

I laugh because I used to live up the road from where I do now. Around the corner was an adult store. I remember last year on my birthday we went to a bar next to it that was shutting down giving away free booze. For reals 🙂 After we went into the adult store as my brother just goes lets go in here so in we go. The two girls working there come charging over to me arms wide grab me in a group bear hug. I don’t remember which is was my mother or my brother but one of them says how often does she come in here that they welcome her like that lol

Uh frequently lets just say frequently. I have there phone number and recently after a move further down the road to a bigger place a new adult store opened literally across the street from me. I like the store on facebook, leave a comment and who should see and send me a friend request but one of the girls who worked up the road it was funny because she asked if I remember her. I  told her are you kidding you sold me my first toy course I remember. She now works part time across the street at the new store. Was good to see her again. 

So to answer the question in a very long round about way yes I have been. Many times in fact. Some like to hang out at Starbucks I like to hang out at my neighborhood adult store. Which the manager calls a boutique. Sure Nikki I love you and want to reach out and pet your chest hair every time I go in the store but it’s just a place to buy toys you stick in your butt or vag don’t make it out to be more than it is. Loves you and the store anyway. 

Coming up is a giveaway, a hop giveaway no less so stay tuned the 25th is close and books to win await. 

  1. That is so cool! We don't really have those stores here. The city nearest where I live forced the one I know of to move to the outskirts. Closed minded hicks are all we have around here. Thanks for linking up.

  2. ha! i haven't been to one in a while. maybe it is time to go to one again. they always have such interesting stuff.

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