Cinema Of Shadows review

You know how sometimes huge blockbuster movies get raves from fans but get poo pooed by the critics because it’s idk not artsy fartsy enough. Well I’ve always thought those critics over look the obvious that sometimes you want an escape in fact most times when people go to the movies they go solely for entertainments sake. That’s really okay to just go and enjoy, I wish they would learn that.

This book reminds me of that. It’s not one I’ll ever reread but I enjoyed myself and that is really the point.

Cinema Of Shadows by Michael West is about a small group of characters mostly a Professor Burke and a group of Parapsychology students. The story revolves around and leads to a dramatic showdown at the Woodfield Movie Palace. An abandoned theater that while open saw many a death.The students and their professor are for lack of a better term ghost hunters. Yes just like the TV show. The search for truth, for proof of a haunting leads them to Woodfield Movie Palace and the terrors that lie within.

In fact I’d point everyone to the book trailer that I was sent so you can get a feel for what the story brings.

I posted the trailer a little while back as Seventh Star Press sent it to me then to share. They are really quite awesome in speculative fiction. Their appreciation for imagination is what I love.

Michael West clearly lets him imagination run wild and that’s great, his writing is enjoyable and easy to read. I love his Battlestar Galactica reference when a character calls someone a fucking toaster. Ah how I loved this.

I would recommend Cinema Of Shadows to anyone looking for a fun, entertaining read with characters that are well written and enjoyable. With some chills and thrills it’s sure to please. I’d personally recommend it in winter, when your curled up under a blanket, when the lights are low, when the wind is howling. At least you hope it’s the wind, better check though just to be sure.

  1. Dude, this cover is seriously creepy!!!

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