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Seventh Star Press sent me Thrall by Steven Shrewbury to review. When I first started it I’ll be honest I hated it. It took me about 3-4 days just to get through the first chapter. The language used while English is so weird and hard to read. It’s an example of why I don’t read things like Shakespeare, Bronte, Austen and the like. It’s English but not. I really wish someone would publish these in an English I can understand.

Now Seventh Star I really like and a bad review is not something I wanted to give any of their books so I kept reading in the hopes it would improve. While it took ages to get through the first chapter, the second and third however I blazed through. All of a sudden I was all hey now were talkin. The story caught my interest and I came to like the characters the story, the fighting, the barbarians.

Thrall about Gorias La Gaul an aging warrior haha 700+ years more like ancient. He’s a legend, a dragon slayer and apparently even in his old age irresistible to the ladies. The book starts out less than perfect but it does pick up once La Gaul gets on his journey and much fighting, death and destruction begins. The end in particular with an epic battle is fantastic. The ending totally won me over as it was written so well, so much fighting and destruction. Children barbarians running amok tough little fighters they are.

Here is a little section to give you an idea of what you’d be in store for.
From page 119 and 120

Gorias, reins still in his clenched teeth, swirled his swords and stabbed at the men. His weapons snapped back to his chest so fast that the men tumbling from their horses looked to ricochet off Gorias. One of them rose to his feet and looked down in astonishment as his intestines unfolded. No matter how hard he tried to push, he couldn’t make his guts get back in his body. Another lay on the ground gagging loud, clutching below his neck. 

This book was not perfect but fun once you got into it. If you like sorcery, great battles and a lot of sword fighting then this book is one you should check out. It’s not my usual kind of read which may be part of the problem. I see a lot of excellent review for it on the net so this may well be the case. I’m glad I didn’t give up on it quite so quick though as I enjoyed it in the end.

  1. wow. Love me some unfolding intestines! LOL Thanks for sharing this book with us- great review! And glad to have discovered you and your blog:) New follower here

  2. Hi Creepy man I love your name 🙂 I too loved the unfolding intestines it was a must share. Thank you for following I hope you enjoy my weird ramblings lol

  3. You're more persistent than I am. If I hate a book at any point, I pretty much drop it.

  4. Hey Jessica, glad you gave it a chance and stuck with it. Some of the best books I've read didn't necessarily get off to blazing starts (Fellowship of the Ring being just one example), but took a moment to simmer before kicking in, and many times they ended up far better than books that were smoother sailing from the get-go. I'm a huge Robert E. Howard fan and Steven's Gorias really fits in well with that area of fantasy (and also with David Gemmell's Druss character).

  5. hmm. i can't say i am much into sorcery per se, so i think i will pass. i am currently trying to SLOG through the game of thrones series. omg. fucking L-O-N-G. i like much of it by 5 books x 800 pages tomorrow = one helluva commitment.

  6. drollgirl: Stick with those books, the Song of Ice and Fire is a tremendous series with extensively developed characters, lots of twists and turns, etc. There are some slower-paced sequences, but they really setup things for later. Excellent choice of books. I just got to see George at his Lexington KY book signing on August 2.

  7. SQT I always give a book a chance, how much of one depends a lot on the book and my mood. A review book I'll stick it out with for a bit.

    Stephen I'm glad I stuck with it as well. They can't all be winners as not every book will appeal to everyone but I liked it in the end. All that matters. And yay for The Hobbit and LOTR 🙂

    drollgirl ohhh The Song Of Ice And Fire is on my must read list in fact the set is on my Christmas wishlist as is the dvd set of the series. My mother read them but I didn't now I just wish it was easy to get a copy as everyone at the library wants to read it too.

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