God’s Eye by A.J. Scudiere

When the opportunity presented itself to review this book I jumped at it. It really says a lot about how a cover can sell a book. I love covers and the one for God’s Eye is so awesome, unique and eye catching you just have to wonder hmmm I wonder what this one is like.

The title and premise makes it sound like it may be about religion which fortunately for me as I don’t like those kinds of books it wasn’t. Supernatural fiction actually and from the cover you can also tell it isn’t even remotely a religious book.

Katharine is an only child born to a family that is wealthy and so much is expected of her. Specifically that she take over the family business, it is what is expected of her and Katharine always does what is expected of her.
When she starts to notice soot appearing in her apartment and glimpses of strange black animals she starts to wonder about her sanity. At the same time two very irresistible men enter her life. The strangeness in her life increases with strange dreams and the pull the two new men have over her. Katharine meets Margot a librarian who helps her learn what is happening in her life and who the two men really are and what it is they are really after.

This was a great book. One I enjoyed and recommend. It’s hard to really discuss it but Katharine is a character who is very well written and this story was gripping no doubt. We’ve all done things because it’s been expected of us but this is the way she has lived her whole life. The two new men in her life however push her to make a choice. But how do you choose between an angel and a demon when you don’t know which is which?

Oh how I wondered which was which, how many times to go back and forth wondering is he the one or is it him. I had made up my mind fairly early on though but despite that the wondering was ever present. All the characters were interesting and well written. I loved the descriptions of the animals, the creatures, of Katharine’s emotions.

A.J. Scudiere is not a writer I was familiar with before but one I am glad to have come across an author who’s future works I will for sure be on the look out for from now on.

God’s Eye will be released on October 1st. I recommend checking it out when it does.

  1. I got an advanced reader copy and I loved it! The battle between good and evil was a ton of fun to read. AJ had me guessing to the very end. Sadly, I lost sleep over this one because I couldn't seem to put it down. I kept telling myself just one more chapter… ha!
    I'm curious though if the story came first or the title. I always wonder how authors pick good titles.

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