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I’ve never been part of a blog tour so I was quite excited when I was approached asking if I would be interested in having Bernadette Marie on. She’s promoting her newest book Executive Decision from which I am pleased to present an excerpt along with some questions that Bernadette has been kind enough to answer.
Be sure to check her out and her new book.

Bernadette please tell us about yourself. 

I am a Colorado native who loves where I live and where I’m from.  I have a strong family, both the one I grew up in and the one I have built, so I love to write about families and I base many of my books here in Colorado.  I have been married to my college sweetheart for almost nineteen years and we have five fabulous little boys!  I am currently working toward my second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.  When I’m not writing or working on my publishing career, I am a hockey mom and a taxi service, as you might imagine.

Please tell us about your new book
The Executive’s Decision is book one in the Keller Series.  In this book we meet Regan Keller, the second oldest daughter of the Kellers and we follow her as she has moved back to Nashville after a tragic relationship.  She has sworn off ever dating or having a relationship with someone she worked with again—namely her boss.  But when she meets Zach Benson, CEO of the new company she now works for, she find that the promise to herself to move away from interoffice romances isn’t one she can keep.  When she finally concedes to the love she feels her past comes back and threatens to tear apart the new life she has built and rip apart Zach’s business.

Why romance? What about it drives your creativity?
Romance, well because I love a happy ending and I am blessed to know what it is to have fallen head over heels and love and I’m living the happily ever after.

Everything, and I mean everything, drives my creativity.  I am inspired by all that I see, learn, and hear.  People I meet are just fascinating to me, and parts of them become parts of characters who are created to give someone else a moment of happily ever after.
What kind of work space do you have and how do you get it done with a big family?
I have a little corner in our house that is mine.  But my computer goes with me, either downstairs or to gymnastics for an hour.  I work from my smartphone and iPad often, but I’m always working in some way.  I’ve become very trained to work around people and noise.  A blessing in my book.

Please tell us about your martial arts training. 
I started martial arts after my two oldest sons had.  I had always wanted to be a black belt, but I was a weak and scared little woman.  I wasn’t about to walk into a school and say, “here I am.”  But taking the lead from my kids, I followed.  Since I have started martial arts my life has changed.  I travel alone.  I shop alone.  I feel confident that I can take care of myself.  Also, I now have the discipline so that when I set high goals I reach them.  My writing is part of that success.  I wrote my first book for 22 years.  Finally, I shelved it and have been a writing machine ever since.  I’m about four years ahead of myself in publishing, which makes for an easy ride and gives me time to write more.  My martial arts goals are to get that second degree (well conditional first) in October 2012 and the following October (2013) to become a Kyo Sa, which is a certified instructor and holds a very high placement within our organization.

Second degree black belt and 5 kids are you secretly wonder woman? 
I’m going to say yes, because if you say it is so, it will become so! J

Do you feel you have to be romantic because everyone expects you to be due to your work?
I am romantic, so I guess it’s just part of me.  And I’m not romantic to just my husband.  What I mean by that is, if I love you, I love you fully.  I compliment when it is due and I cherish my time with you.  I’m blessed to have not only my husband and the wonderful children we have created, but to have a great family and an amazing group of friends who, well, they are simply amazing!!  There is nothing like a Barnes and Noble book signing and the front of the store is packed with this group of people who cherish me as much as I cherish them.  It makes for a very romantic life!

Chapter One
hunder rippled through the gray clouds that loomed overhead.  Regan Keller raised her eyes to the sky.  Please, please don’t rain. As she sent up the silent prayer, she felt the first drop  hither forehead.
The nervous flutter in her stomach quickened as she looked down at her watch.  Surely her day couldn’t get any worse. But the sky opened up, and those around her crowded together in the bus stop shelter.  Her hair, tied in a tail at the base of her neck, dripped rain down her back as she hunched in her coat.  How could she have forgotten her umbrella?  Had her car been running, she’d have the one tucked safely away in the glove compartment because spring in Tennessee often meant sudden storms.  She should carry one in her bag but had suffered a lapse in memory, having opted for the sunny beaches of Hawaii for the past two years. 
As the bus arrived, those under the shelter huddled onto it ahead of her, claiming every seat.  Soaking wet, Regan wedged herself between two people and held onto the handrail above her head. She looked out the window at the commuters driving themselves to work in the pouring rain.  That should have been her. 
A bitter-faced old woman sat below her, her oversized bag occupying the next seat.  Regan bent to ask her to move it, but the woman glared up at her and gave a grunt that sounded like a dog’s bark.  Regan flinched and tried to look away.  But she was compelled to keep an eye on the woman.
The man to the other side of the vacant seat snickered. Regan looked down at him in his long black overcoat and perfect hair.  Hemmed in between the old lady’s bag and an overweight man in a jogging suit, he was as pinned in his seat as she was to the people around her.  She would have given him a piece of her mind for laughing at her had the bus not jolted to a sudden stop.  It lurched forward then back and tossed Regan onto the man’s lap.
“I would have offered you my seat,” he said with a bright grin as the bus lurched again.
“Why, you…” She struggled to free herself, but the crowd moved in tightly around them as the bus bounced down the street.  The pace of her heart kicked into gear and she could feel the sweat bead on her brow. 
She hadn’t been this close to a man in over a year, and the panic of having him actually hold her on his lap was making her more than uncomfortable.  “I need to stand up.”
“You might as well sit.” He wrapped his arms around her.  “Doesn’t look like you’ll be standing again anytime soon.”
Regan took a few deep and cleansing breaths.  She forced down the panic that was filling her body and tried to push it away.  Alexander Hamilton thought she was dead.  There should be no danger in sitting on the lap of a nice-looking man.  She should find it within her to enjoy the experience and focus on something else.
He didn’t have an accent native to Tennessee like hers.  Perhaps the rain had caught him off guard as well.  If she didn’t relax, she’d have a heart attack, and this nice gentleman who wasn’t from Nashville would probably be blamed for her death on the bus on his way to work.
Accepting her predicament at face value would be a prime opportunity to let go of bitter feelings for the opposite gender, though after what she’d been through, she wasn’t sure she could.  The thought of ever loving another man or letting one touch her made her palms sweat and her stomach clench.
The man smiled at her, and a dimple formed in his cheek. “This is your first time on this bus, isn’t it?” He pushed back a wet wisp of hair from her forehead, and she flinched away.  “It’s always crowded, but I know I would have seen you.”
“My car wouldn’t start this morning.”  She pressed her hand to her jittery stomach and willed it to settle.  “I start a new job today. Car trouble couldn’t have come at a worse time.” 
“New job?  Congratulations. So what is this new job?”
God, he was handsome, and wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the ride?  But she wasn’t.  “Executive assistant.”  The words shook as she spoke.
“Pretty important.”
“You think it’s just some glorified secretary, don’t you?”  She clenched her teeth and her fists.  Why wouldn’t she be angry?  The last man she’d worked for had interpreted the title executive assistant as a license to run her life and to ruin it.
“No.  I was serious.  It’s a very important position.”  He looked sincere.  “So where is this new job?”
“Benson, Benson and Hart.”
“Real estate development.” 
“Yes.”  Her breath was becoming harder to push through her lungs. “I should get off your lap.” 
“You’d ruin my day.”  He laughed easily, so she tried to relax.  “So whose executive assistant will you be?” 
“Zachary Benson’s.” She looked around for a space to stand.
“CEO?  He must have been very impressed with you.”
“I’ve never met him.  His current assistant is having a baby and leaving the company.  He was out of town when she interviewed me.”  She thought about Mary Ellen, his current assistant.  The interview had had a motherly quality to it.  She wasn’t sure whether it was because Mary Ellen was pregnant or that worried for her boss. “I think she takes good care of him.  It’ll be a hard pair of shoes to fill.”  And if that hadn’t had her stomach tied in knots, here she was having a conversation about it with a man she didn’t know while sitting on his lap.  Had she completely forgotten the last man she’d gotten this close to tried to kill her?
“I’m sure he’ll be pleased with her choice.”
“Thank you.”  She wanted to wiggle away from the hard muscles she could feel in his chest, from his arms that held her tight against him, and from the legs of a man who obviously kept in shape.  She couldn’t, so she kept talking. “I hope he likes me. I can’t imagine him not wanting to meet me first.”
“Maybe he’s ugly.”
Finally a laugh rolled from her throat. “That’s not what Mary Ellen said.” She tucked in her lips.  “She says he’s a hottie.”
“Hottie?”  His voice lit with humor.  “Well, you’ll enjoy your job then.”
“Strictly business here.  I don’t get involved with the boss,” she said sternly.  Not anymore.  This was, after all, her chance to take back her life after making such a mistake.
The bus stopped, and the old woman stood and grabbed her bag.
“Move!”  She shoved her way through the people who climbed on and made her way out the door.  Before Regan could stand and claim a seat, the crowd around her pushed her closer against the stranger, whose arms wrapped tightly around her as others dropped down beside them.
“Your stop is the next one,” he offered, and she nodded.  “So what’s your name?”
“You’re native to Tennessee, aren’t you? Your accent gives you away.”
“I was born in Memphis.  I spent most of my life in Nashville though.  I did a stint in Los Angeles and then lived in Maui for the last two years.  I missed home though.”  The more she tried to suppress her nerves, the more she talked.
“Los Angeles?  Tried your hand at Hollywood?”
“No.” She shook her head.  “I worked for a prominent lawyer who had some big-name clients.  But I wasn’t seeking fame and fortune.”
“Well, Ms. Executive Assistant, I’m glad you came home or this would have been a very boring ride this morning.”  The bus stopped, and most of the people began to move to the door.  “This is your stop.” 
She finally stood and turned to exit with the crowd without looking back.
The man caught her hand and held it.  Her very core shook, and her first instinct was to rip her hand away.  But she needed to move on and not be so damn afraid of every man that gave her attention.
“Would you have lunch with me?” he asked.
“What?” She looked back at people climbing on. If she didn’t exit the bus now, she’d miss her stop. “Oh, I don’t think so.”
“Meet me at the hot dog stand at noon just on the north corner of your building,” he said with a wink and a nod.
She couldn’t think to speak.  She nodded as she hurried off the bus.
The rain had subsided for the time being.  Regan had almost dried off as she sat on the handsome man’s lap.  The smell of his cologne lingered on her coat.  She closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of him.
She stopped as she neared the door and turned to see the bus drive away.  He was watching her from the window, and he waved.  It occurred to her she didn’t even know his name. 
She looked down at her hands.  They were shaking.
Get over it.  Move on.  Not everyone wanted to hurt her.  Not every man was evil with ulterior motives.  No, some were just nice men who wanted to take you to lunch.
Well, it wasn’t like he’d asked her to stay at a hotel.  He’d offered to buy her a hot dog.  Really, it was harmless.  And he’d assume she was too busy with her new job if she just didn’t show up.
But she wanted to.
Well, there was no better time to move on with her life, and no better way to get to know the man on whose lap you’d ridden to work than over a hot dog. 
A tingle of hope shot through her.  She needed to start taking back her life the way she wanted it.  No more mistakes. No more regrets.  It was her life now, and she was going to enjoy it.

Bernadette Marie has been an avid writer since the early age of 13, when she’d fill notebook after notebook with stories that she’d share with her friends.  Her journey into novel writing started the summer before eighth grade when her father gave her an old typewriter.  At all times of the day and night you would find her on the back porch penning her first work, which she would continue to write for the next 22 years. 
In 2007 – after marriage, filling her chronic entrepreneurial needs, and having five children – Bernadette began to write seriously with the goal of being published.  That year she wrote 12 books.  In 2009  she was contracted for her first trilogy and the published author was born.  In 2011 she (being the entrepreneur that she is) opened her own publishing house, 5 Prince Publishing, and has released contemporary titles and will begin the process, eventually, of taking on other authors in other genres.  Also in 2011 she became co-owner of Seven Songs Press and will release a novella as part of an anthology with other very talented authors in November 2011.
Bernadette spends most of her free time driving her kids to their many events.  She is also an accomplished martial artist, working her way to her second-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.  An avid reader, she enjoys most, the works of Nora Roberts and Karen White. She loves to meet readers who enjoy reading contemporary romances and she always promises Happily Ever After.

TWITTER: @writesromance

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