Interview with M. Nova author of Garden Of Apples

M. Nova was kind enough to agree to an interview. Please check out his book Garden of Apples it’s one I highly recommend for it’s beautiful writing, stunning visuals and depth of emotion that Mario creates in his amazing work. Oops I totally gave away his name shhhh don’t tell him I did that then he can still be mysterious. Check out my review for Garden Of Apples. I loved it.
Also please note my very subtle flirting and how smoothly I’m shot down lol job well done Jess *facepalm*

This is him. He’s cute right. Shhhhh
Please tell me about yourself –
Aside from writing poetry and prose, I love ALL genres of music, and experiencing its entrancing euphoria through singing, playing the drums/percussion, and writing/arranging/producing it. I loved doing such for my old band Nevr Deadr Society, and realize it’s defiant against my soul if I don’t revive my depths through poetic lyric and song. So, diving back into the therapeutic waves of sound. I love sports — played on the US national baseball team years ago. I’m a perfectionist — insanely — but strive to be used in aiding others to reach the most “impossible” of heights, in whatever area that may be. I stand firm that we as people hold no power greater than the mind. Its deepest corridors must be explored and thoroughly exercised often for greater unlocking, strength, intelligence, and superior achievement. I have a phrase: “May the quest for knowledge overflow your cup. You’ll never know it all, but you can never know enough!” I love learning, my tool of growth and maturation.
What do you do when you’re not writing? –
I hold two other jobs, both for non-profit organizations, in which we are enhancing and giving the gift of life to those in need. I listen and engage in music. Tearing up my body at the gym is always fun! Also, I’m obsessed with Asian culture — watching all genres of Asian cinema and reading up on it. If any type of book appears that it will teach me something new — even one thing — I’ll lend it my eyes. I love the beach and fun outdoor activities.
What is your work space and working routine like? –
My workspace is a fun desk hosting four candles at all times (representing earth, water, wind, and fire — the types of relational connections and compatibilities I teach), my laptop and weapon of love and war, a sound machine incessantly resounding the noise of running water, plastic apples, and classic pictures of Adam and Eve in various depictions. When I write, I have to light all four candles, raise the sound machine volume, and peacefully watch the world of Eden visually show me its tale. I literally watch it like a movie first, then translate it on screen.
What kind of experience did you have in getting published? –
Simply, that statistics don’t matter, only thick skin and an impassable heart are dire. I wrote Garden of Apples in less than three months, including writing through strep throat twice. A few weeks later I locked down directly with my publisher for the entire saga.
Uniquely, a week prior, I went to a writer’s conference in New York and it was the most disheartening experience, yet the most invigorating. Various agents and industry professionals repeatedly told us writing hopefuls that the reality of getting a multi-book deal, let alone one, was slim to none. And, if one was so lucky for a one-book deal it would take years of rewrites, amongst other things before hitting the shelves.
Well, the next week or so, I entered into the onset of a direct publishing deal — a multi-book saga — and the novel hit both eBook and print availability within the first year! Ignore the naysayers! Just follow your heart and fight and fight and fight some more! If that happened for me, it can happen to any driven warrior!
What about post publication experience. What has that been like? –
It has been busy in promoting, but I since wrote almost the entire saga in a little over a year and a half — the other books being somewhat monstrous in size. Have to say that I’m so touched with all the positive feedback I’ve received from people. It’s a bit odd for me to experience, because an unknown writer lives in a cave of self-captivating imagination. I always considered myself a W.I.L.D (wildly imaginative literary dreamer), but now it’s a reality to be able to share my bled heart on paper and screen with everyone! For me to connect mind, heart, and soul with even one reader is the most touching and rewarding thing of all!
I take it from what I’ve read that your single. What kind of woman do you like and um is a 5’3 brunette who reads a lot someone you would go for? –
Yes, I’m currently single, seeking the missing melody to my soul’s symphony, but I’d rather not settle on someone who may be of incredible value to my desires. Rather, I’m patiently waiting for the scorching, priceless match of my soul.
I have no type. I prefer to be attracted to her, but the physical (earthmate connection) is immediately irrelevant after first ogle. The inward depths and connections are what snatch my attention. She must hold many similarities to me. People speak on “opposites attract”, but they fail to mention the end result: due to the lack of enough soul resemblance and consistency in compatibility, there is hardly sustainability in that mode. In most cases — there are exceptions — the partakers experience that the lure was indicative of delving into the unknown, something they never did or could have. Then, realization of being extraordinarily different leaves them to ponder on why the strings of their sought connections won’t knot as one.
I find the “likenesses attract” to be not only more rewarding at the dawn of infatuation but leads to relational growth, maturity, and many tomorrows, when two are willing to war for their love. So, most importantly, I seek a close match to what comprises my being. I’d rather be single than be locked into a nightmare of opposite, clashing souls and overall incompatibility. Shape, height, complexion — doesn’t matter to me. She can be an avid or non-existent reader, but I would hope she’d at least read and enjoy my words, or that would undeniably and painfully shackle my confidence in giving her poetic surprises!
You’re clearly very romantic, do you write poetry and such for your lady loves? –
Maybe;) I’m very spontaneous, and never know what I’ll do next, many a time. I keep a significant other guessing, because I’m always guessing! Just as each person on this planet is unique and different, my actions and impassioned offerings vary as no two relationships are EVER the same. When I make a commitment to someone, she receives unabated creative and original expressions of my heart, never given prior.
Why are you so romantic, it’s unique for sure. Who or what event is responsible for this? –
In seventh grade, I began writing love poetry and lyrics. I remembered being this little pudgy thing, and was sitting in the back row of class, passing a love poem to this adorable infatuation of mine. The teacher thought I was passing a note, and called me to the front of class. She paused, and read it, saying, “This is actually really good. Do you have any more?” Accepting I would not be venturing to the principal’s office again, relieved I enthusiastically responded, “Mmhmm.” She informed me to see her after class, and eventually asked to see the rest. She encouraged me upon reading them, and the end result? I started writing non-stop. The funniest part was that all my little lady friends wanted a love poem. Hence, they each received one in my horrible “doctor’s” handwriting! Can you imagine this round little boy writing these deep rhyming sentiments of the heart (as much as a seventh grader can grasp from limited experience) to all the girls in the grade?! Ah, so embarrassing, but yet fulfilling as it led me to henceforth embark on a journey to find my firemate(identical flame) with whom I dedicate every book and work of mine. Since that fortuitous moment, I’ve written hundreds of poems, a bunch of short stories, and now five novels. She better be literate!!!
Men can you explain them to me and all woman for that matter? –
With each gender maturity as a person makes the most significant difference as to why certain actions and words transpire. Men consistently and variably mature slower than women, in the majority as proved. With a male, a woman should immediately inquire, is he still a boy or a man? A real man cries, communicates, protects, provides, perseveres, offers continual self-sacrifice, and melts in total regard for his goddess, to name a handful. A real man is a knight, and I describe it in a later book in the saga as a character states, “Our men — our squires — are each a balanced bear. He knows when to be soft and tender, and assuredly when to unleash the power and claws of a grizzly.”
However, it’s a tough, tough world to be patient for love in, as opposed to making thoughtless, quickened choices today which incur the most agonizing repercussions tomorrow. Unfortunately, due to past circumstances, atrocities, failure, and pains, relational success barriers for both genders — especially men— may be in place causing pride, insecurity, silence, etc. To risk loving and being loved is to risk being hurt, though to give and receive it are the deepest, most passionate desires in each individual. Yes, it even indwells those who hide behind the facade of hate or any other fruitless qualities contradicting the very essence of life — love! 
Woman, what about us, what are we doing wrong or are there really so few good guys out there? – 
If you ladies seek a man, and he fails to hold or appears he doesn’t exude these qualities I mentioned — adios, hombre! Why are men such “dogs”? Simple: Give a dog a bone and he will make use of it! Depending on what a woman is looking for relationally — serious, open, singlehood promiscuity or abstinence — what you seek and what you give is what will surface as options, and ultimately what you get. Be mindful of the physical and emotional signals you flare, when and where you do such. The same goes for a man’s desires being met. If he acts like a “drama king”, he’ll most likely attract those of a similar spirit.
Here’s a good tip for you ladies, when weeding through hounds: True beauty lies in the face. The next time you receive a compliment or flattery, pay attention to where he is looking when it’s uttered. If his eyes slipped or have been perusing below the shoulders, his intentions are obvious. If his eyes remain on the face and he appears intriguing enough for your limited time, don’t jump to conclusions of his intentions. Obviously, both genders have prurient desires, so libido is a given in both! Yet, if this man is gazing deeply into the mysteries and stories behind your precious gems, don’t move! Don’t let him walk away at that moment, or at least get a means to communicate further if one of you absolutely must be somewhere else! Men DO analyze more than you think, and we get you far greater than media or male deception lets you believe! As long as women keep enabling men to be Neanderthals, or “he doesn’t get me” or hinting intentions as opposed to bluntly spewing them, a man will soak it up, play stupid, and a debilitating stalemate of no progression erects and maintains!
If you accept defeat that you will never find your fiery knight, then you won’t — you’ve defeated yourself! But, as you read this, declare, believe, and begin making every choice to usher his presence into your life, and YOU WILL BE VICTORIOUS! It’s not easy, yet the greatest things in life are not free of cost and sacrifice.
Adam and Eve, Eden, of all the stories why a retelling of that one?
This tale in the Bible’s Genesis, chapters 2 & 3, has left us all in wonder. Therefore, in not disrespecting the most renown book of poetry and all those who hold it dear, I stayed tight to the limited details of the pairing’s story and let this download tell itself. I mentioned I watch it as a movie, literally looking above my laptop and viewing it in vision state, telling itself. I believe a story worth writing and reading is one that speaks itself, and invokes only ONE vessel to relay it. The Garden of Apples saga chose me, so here I am.
Where did the idea to do it come from?
I woke up one morning and was struck with a vision. I saw in movie form within my mind Garden of Apples in super fast-forward speed. I rushed to my computer and jotted five word doc pages of all I saw. Fifteen minutes later, I had the itinerary of an invocation. I accepted.
What about the future, there is more story to tell when can we expect the rest? –
Significantly larger books of one word: MORE. There is heightened and more: depths to the many relationships, secondary tales and new characters, twists and turns, poetry, sensuality, romance/relational advice to apply, aggressive violence and action, terrains and fresh environments(waterfalls, beaches, forests, swamps, mountains, cities), warfare, crazy beasts and pets, adventure, and of course — Adam and Eve!
When? Soon.
What other books are you planning after you’ve got all of Adam and Eve’s story down on paper? –
Right now, I’m just living in the world of Eden. I have another radically different romance saga underway, in which I’ll be announcing at some juncture in the future.
Do you plan on publishing a book of poetry? I loved what little there is in Garden of Apples and hope there will be more. –
Thank you so much. I thought hardly anyone cared about poetry anymore! Hard to find! Well, would you and everyone like a book of my heart’s stanzas? If so, sure.
I’ve found the art work used for the cover online. How did it come about? –
I took the inspiration for the cover from a painting that hangs on a wall in one of the later Temptations in the book. I wrote out the intense details from top to bottom, left and right on paper, making sure it would span from the front cover, wrapping to the back. Unfortunately we could not locate an artist who could accurately depict what my mind envisioned. Interestingly, I bought a Kindle, knowing GOA would soon be available there first, and a couple of decals for it. One day, I noticed the artwork on one of the decals and was like, “That’s my artist.” His incredible craftsmanship was the exact style of what I needed in order to translate the description to a beatific mural. I sent over the pic of my decal to the team and the result was the same – he’s the artist. He is amazing and can do ANYTHING, especially whatever spawns in my mind. Such an effortless and fun experience working with him.
I myself love awesome eye catching covers. Have you found that having a great cover is important? –
Yes. We don’t want people judging us by the cover as people, but for books — it’s a must! The Garden of Apples cover does what I believe every cover should do: define the overall theme and meaning of the story. For Garden, it’s choice. For every risk, there are rewards and/or repercussions that lead one on the path of life or death. The cover emulates this in showing the contrast between night and day, the seasons, and life and death. For those who spy closely, you can see on a tree stump at the bottom, the key quote of the book : “If you are not cut out for war, you’re not carved for love.”

The artist behind the amazing cover.

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