Interview with Lisa Morton author of Monsters of L.A.

Lisa Morton has kindly agreed to an interview her newest book Monsters of L.A. is one to check out if you like a good scare.

Please tell us about yourself Lisa –

I’m a native and lifelong resident of Southern California, and I have a longstanding love affair with Los Angeles in particular. I’ve been a screenwriter, a non-fiction author, a novelist, a short story writer, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on Halloween. Currently I work in SoCal’s best used bookstore, the Iliad Bookshop in North Hollywood.

What are you reading now? –

THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins. I’m increasingly excited about the whole Young Adult genre, where so much of the writing seems exceptionally lively and imaginative.

Where did the idea for Monsters of L.A. come from? –

At some point I realized that the last half-dozen or so short stories I’d written were all about monsters and set in contemporary Los Angeles, so it just made sense to keep going with that somehow.

What about horror do you love? –

The intensity and the way we react to it on a very basic level. All emotions seem heightened in a good horror story – not just the terror, but also grief, joy, love, you name it. It provides a complete emotional ride for me.

What scares you? –

I’m not a person with phobias – I even like spiders! – but larger things scare me: The increasing way we treat each other with hostility, for example, or losing control of our lives to corporations.

What is your work space and working routine like? –

I share a small apartment, so my work space is basically a netbook and the couch! If I’m working on a non-fiction project, there’ll be reference books and papers scattered around…and of course a cat keeping close watch on it all. In terms of routine…I prefer to think things through in my head very thoroughly before committing anything to paper, so it may look like I’m doing nothing for days, then I’ll type like mad for a night.

What do you have planned next? –

I’m currently racing to meet a deadline on a graphic novel about the witch-hunts in Europe and America, co-written with Australian authorRocky Wood and illustrated by a gifted Australian artist named Greg Chapman. It’ll be out next year from McFarland.


  1. great interview!

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