Interview with Derek The Ghost

Author of Scary School Derek The Ghost agreed to an interview. Yep I interviewed a ghost. If that doesn’t count as awesome I don’t know what does.

Can you tell us about yourself? –

My name is Derek the Ghost. I am the writer of the book series Scary School from HarperCollins. New books of Scary School will be coming out every single June! When I was 11 years old, I departed the bodily state of being when a science experiment in Mr. Acidbath’s class went terribly wrong. I thought I would get to move on, but I came back as a ghost. When you come back as a ghost, that means you still have something to accomplish, you know, like in the movie Ghost. It was incredibly accurate. However, it wasn’t my destiny to save Demi Moore and make gooey pottery together, it was my duty to haunt Scary School and write about all the wonderful, terrible, hilarious things that go on there. So I guess I’ll keep doing that until my work is complete. By the way, Demi. If you’re still into ghosts, give me a ring ; )

What about this Derek Taylor Kent guy, what’s he like? –
He’s an idiot. But a handsome idiot. You see, dead Dereks can communicate with living Dereks. It’s a weird rule of the afterlife. Don’t ask me why. He’s the only Derek with enough time on his hands to help me out and write down everything I tell him to write. If you google him, you’ll find a lot of wacky, crazy stuff he’s done. He also teaches Children’s and YA Writing at Writing Pad in Los Angeles (
Please tell those not familiar with your new book Scary School about it –
It’s a book series about a school where just making it to lunch with all your arms and legs is considered a great day. Regular takes attend classes with all sorts of scary kids – like vampire kids, zombie kids, werewolf kids, bigfoot kids, and all of the teachers are something reallyscary, like a dragon, a T-rex, or a wicked witch!
What’s your favorite book?
Here’s a few: The Harry Potter series, Maus, Breakfast of Champions
Everyone seams to love it like I did. It must be gratifying to know that everyone is enjoying Scary School so much. –
Yes, it’s awesome. I get emails every day from fans telling me, and so far I’ve been able to respond to all of them. If you go to, there’s a fun video game you can play, and if you beat the game, it gives you a secret message to send to me in order to gain priority admittance into Scary School (if you’d like to attend). I wrote the book to make kids everywhere laugh A LOT. Back when I was alive, I was a bit of a class clown, and I really enjoyed making my friends laugh. So, I wanted to keep doing that even after I became a ghost.

Are you as funny in person because Scary School is hilarious?

Yes. I’m an absolute riot. But unfortunately, nobody can see or hear me anymore except at strange places like Scary School, so most of my hilarity goes unnoticed. Booo. That’s wasn’t a scary boo! It was a jeer boooo.

How do you like the illustrations in the book, are they how you envisioned them?
The illustrations are spectacularly awesome. They are done by a guy named Scott M. Fischer (, who is one of the best book illustrators and artists alive. But, when you read future books of Scary School,  you will find out that Scott is actually the art teacher at Scary School. He follows me around and draws everything while I write, so his depictions of what’s happening at Scary School are always spot-on accurate. You can have complete faith that that’s exactly how each student and monster looks in real life.

All of the characters are awesome, who’s your favorite?

My best friend at school is the purple girl, Petunia. It’s hard for her to make friends because aside from being purple, she’s also part-flower, so she has bees flying around her all the time. Because it’s so hard to make friends with bees around her, she spends a lot of time reading, and so far, she’s the only student at Scary School who’s actually read Scary School! She really liked the book and is my biggest supporter, so of course she’s my favorite.
What’s the most important lesson in Scary School other than rule 5 of course?
Never sneeze on a monster.  No, wait! That’s in Book 2. Hmmm… in Book 1, I think Lindsey’s lesson about never judging someone by their appearance is pretty important lesson.
Can you give us a scoop on the next book about Scary School?
Yes! If you’re savvy enough to search the website,, and find the SECRET CHAPTER, you’ll get to find out what happens on the last day of Scary School. Book 2 will pick up where that chapter left off. The student’s of Ms. Fangs’s class are missing and it will be up to one brave student to find and rescue them. As a prize for winning the Ghoul Games, the students of Scary School get to go on a trip to Albania to meet the Monster King. But as usual, things don’t go as planned, and the poor students of Scary School will have to get verylucky just to make it out of there alive!


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