Author interview with A. Demethius Jackson

Please welcome the author of The Realmsic Conquest : the Cradle of Crest A. Demethius Jackson.

Tell us about yourself.
Well, although I write using my full name, most people I know just call me AJ. I’m from Washington, DC and have lived there my entire life. For most of my career I’ve worked on the technical side of television and film, but writing had always been my passion.

What about fantasy is it that you love?
I once read a King Arthur storybook as a small child and was mesmerized by its adventure and romanticism. I spent a lot of time fantasizing about what a life would be like in a world filled with knights, dragons, castles and quests. It’s those elements that I truly love about the fantasy genre and why I believe it’s still so popular today.

Why poetry form for the book? 
I wanted Realmsic to be different from anything other fantasy book currently out there. Using the rhyming format of traditional epics not only allowed an opportunity for unique storytelling, but it also created the ambiance and mood of the entire story. Also, I think people of all ages enjoy rhyme. A lot of us grew up with it through Dr. Seuss, and later embraced it within the styles of music and poetry.

Do you plan to write future works in the same way?
Actually, no. As much as I enjoyed writing Realmsic, the next version will be in a non-rhyming form. This will allow me to further develop the story and its characters.

What future works do we have to look forward to? 
Currently, Realmsic is expanding into two simultaneous projects – a non-rhyming book series and an animated series. The purpose of the epic-poem was to introduce Realmsic as something new, creative, and different. Now that it has a loyal following, the non-rhyming series will provide an opportunity to expand the Realmsic universe and its characters. The animated series is a long-term project but much of its development is already completed, including a potential celebrity endorsement.

What is your work space and working routine like?
When I first started writing, I used paper and pen to take notes. But since I never know when inspiration is going to hit, I now primarily use voice memos on my cell phone. From there, I set goals for myself regarding how much I want to write within one session, then I go off to someplace comfortable. I’ve discovered that I cannot write at home – too many distractions. I have to change scenery in order to be productive. I spend a lot of time at libraries, malls and at coffee shops.

Where did the idea for The Realmsic Conquest come from?
Originally, Realmsic was a concept I created as a teenager, after studying epic-adventures in school. Years later as an adult, I rediscovered the story and expanded it. Because rhyme is an art form not usually attempted beyond music and poetry, I wanted to demonstrate its potential within other genres.

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