Cinder by Marissa Meyer review

How to describe my admiration for a first time author creating such a wonderful new addiction. I and many others will clamor for the next book in the series when the time comes wanting to know what happens to Cinder.

I enjoyed this book so much. Cinder is such a great character so smart and capable. I loved the remaking of the classic that we all know so well, with androids, cyborgs, an evil queen, a plague and a ball to remember. I can’t imagine what Marissa has in store for the second book in the series but I’m dying to read it already. What an excellent job this first time author does in weaving a tale that must be read and creating characters that you just love or love to hate as the case may be.

This book while written for young teens is one that can and I recommend be read by anyone who loves a good story, who loves fascinating characters and those who may be interested in a new spin on an old and familiar story.

Cinder takes what is fun about Cinderella and makes it fresh and modern. I loved it and Cinder is one of my new favorite characters. I like her and look forward to reading more.

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