Interview with author Rudy Mazzocchi

I’m pleased to have first time author Rudy Mazzocchi on the blog today for an interview. If you like medical fiction like Michael Palmer and Robin Cook you may want to check out Equity of Evil. Rudy did a great job on the interview and I want to thank him for getting back to me so quick. Please check it out and discover a new author always an exciting prospect for a reader.

Please tell us about yourself –

Besides being a father and husband, I’m probably best known for being a medical device and biotechnology entrepreneur, inventor, and angel investor, with a history of starting new technology ventures throughout the U.S. and Europe. I’ve authored more than 50 patents in the field of medical technology, including areas such as cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology and biomechanics. I’m more of a “start-up” entrepreneur who was fortunate to develop the skills to raise the necessary capital to fund the development of innovations from concept through market release.

Please tell us about your new and first book Equity of Evil –

EQUITY of EVIL is based on my first-hand experiences in reviewing and/or participating in the development of some of the most controversial and cutting-edge medical technologies. These include starting one of the first embryonic stem cell companies to designing the world’s only electronic, auto-focusing implantable lens for inside the eye; (similar to the one in the Terminator or the Six Million Dollar Man – depending upon your generation)!

This debut novel is a politically compelling, suspenseful and reality-cutting Medical Thriller that will challenge the reader’s personal views on capitalism, ethics, and the basic morality of his fellow man. It will drag you through a dark and brutal new world where human life becomes the actual equity of evil.

What do you like to do when not writing or working? 

Well, I’ve found that “writing” has replaced my appetite for reading. I’m still consumed with the business of early-stage technology companies and sit on the Board of Directors of five companies and attempt to play racquet-ball or workout when the spirit is willing and time is available. Since my businesses allow us to travel around the world, we also like to explore new places and experience new cultures whenever possible.

What are some of the books you enjoy reading? –

I’ve always enjoyed (and been inspired by) medical thrillers from the likes of Dr. Robin Cook. His writings were very influential in my pursuit of the life sciences and medicine during my early college years. I’ve also enjoyed what’s been labeled “Gonzo Journalism”, a style of writing by the late, great Hunter S. Thompson.

What is your work space and working routine like? –

Hah, great question! Most of my start-up ventures “literally” start in the garage or home office. I’m currently managing a “virtual” med-tech company that has numerous employees spread out all over the U.S. and Europe with 80% of our development and fabrication work being done in Switzerland. I’ve spent a great unspeakable number of days on the phone while wearing pajamas or typing up business plans and financial statements at 36,000 feet above the Atlantic. As I explain to my modest management team, there should not be much routine… only commitment, persistence and passion!

Equity of Evil is your first book, what prompted you to write it? –

While on a cruise with my wife, refusing to check out another novel from the ship’s library, I made an off-handed comment that “I would rather write one than read one”… and she challenged me to do so. I was amazed how easily the initial chapters flowed across the screen of my laptop, the majority from the foundation of personal experiences and related business opportunities.

It was therapeutic and the process was very similar to establishing a new company. Starting with a design concept, the research, development, manufacturing, and then striving to get it to the market… it was second nature. I had no expectations, until it became a finished product. Then I had to “do what I do” and attempt to make it as successful as possible. So with a Literary Agency, Publicist and Publisher all in tow, the readers will now decide if EQUITY of EVIL is worth reading or something that stimulates others to go “write their own”!

It’s based on true events, could you elaborate on those? –

Well, there are actual Author Notes at the end of the book that identify many (but not all) of the true events upon which this story is based. As an example, the Prologue is from my true experiences as an undergraduate pre-med student working in the Human Genetics Research Laboratory where we cultivated fetal organs from aborted fetuses obtained from the clinic the previous evening. We were eventually successful in growing fetal organs and tissues that included lung, heart, liver, kidney, and even brain. It was something that we were prohibited from discussing back then, and even now it requires a bit of explanation. There are other components of the story that deal with human trafficking, the black market for organ transplants, and various new medical procedures not yet approved here in the U.S., that are also based on true events. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

You changed the title. I recently did a post on how important titles are, were you concerned the abortion aspect would be the focus? –

Glad you asked this one! The manuscript carried the title “Harvest of the Unborn” since the writing of the first chapter over three years ago. It wasn’t until my Literary Agency told me that they were having some “difficulties” stimulating some interest with top NY publishers because of the title; (forgetting the fact that I’m also a first-time author with no brand recognition)! I also had a reviewer from one of the major booksellers outright refuse to review my manuscript simply because of the title and what it implied. This is deeper story that touches on human behavior and reveals how powerful people tend to usurp the rights of others less fortunate or less strong, for the sake of their own personal pleasure or gain. Ironically, the reference to the “unborn” became a marketing concern and we decided to change the name in hopes this piece of literary fiction reaches a broader mainstream audience.

Is this a book that those who are pro choice like me would like or those who are anti- abortion, is it a taking side book? –

It is important for readers to understand that I made a substantial effort to not take either a ProLife or ProChoice position when using the abortion theme as a backdrop of this story. Neutrality on such a controversial topic is very difficult, but I believe that regardless of your political or moral position, the reader will find support in the words and actions of the book’s characters for whichever perspective they might have. Ironically, this neutral position will allow both sides (ProLife or ProChoice) to claim victory of their views through the contents of this novel.

Do you have more books planned? –

Yes, my second novel dealing with the subject of “neuroplasticity” – or the rewiring of the brain using a variety of stimulation techniques – is well underway in hopes of being completed by year-end. I would provide you with a name, but I’m afraid someone might force me to change it before it’s released!

Equity of Evil by Rudy Mazzocchi
Rudy Mazzocchi

  1. Wow, what an amazing author/entrepreneur/person. Does he have time to sleep? 🙂
    Rita J Webb recently posted..Skyscraper by Demi LovatoMy Profile

  2. Monica Lee Major

    Great to see someone with your background and choices still developing the future med devices and writing instead of reading in your spare time. I wish your bionic lens was available at the same time or your book release!

  3. Check out book #2 in this Series, EQUITY of FEAR! 😯

  4. Check out book #2 in this Series: EQUITY of FEAR! If you dare….

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