The Darkening Dream by Andrew Gavin review

The Darkening Dream was sent to me by an author who had previously worked in making games so I thought well this will be a nice book light fun though the cover had so much depth so I thought hmm that’s interesting but no the covers just the cover the book should be game like. Hahahahahaha oh I have so much to learn.

The Darkening Dream is so rich in story I am blown away that it was written by a first time author. First time! Damn Andy that’s like someone painting like that white guy on PBS with the afro right off and not crappy stick figures. Even my stick figures suck so I’m sitting here in envy right now.

A vampire book so dark and gritty yet with religious both Christian and Jewish elements and supernatural all mixed to create a masterfully woven and detailed, rich entertaining story.

Four friends work to cut off a vampire in search of a religious artifact for well nothing good of course in the process lives are lost, mysteries revealed and much death throughout small town Salem, Massachusetts in 1913. The historical details add an addition element to the already rich story.

This book is packed with characters and story and I am impressed by what a first time author has created. It’s much darker than what I was expecting but very, very good. I highly recommend checking it out

My great thanks to Andy for sending me an awesome read.

  1. Wow, this book does sound interesting. I love the detail of the girl’s reflection in the water on the cover. The reflection is definitely NOT a mirror image.
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