Shotgun Gravy by Chuck Wendig review

Chuck Wendig is a new author to me. He has a book coming out soon Blackbirds that sounds so amazing and who’s cover totally makes my toes curl. I’ve never read his books so when the chance to try his novella Shotgun Gravy free on amazon presented itself I jumped at the chance like a junkie on a needle. Also applies towards the Why Buy The Cow Reading Challenge.

Shotgun Gravy was free on amazon for a short time and I am so glad I got to try this great little read to get a taste of what Chuck has to offer and boy does he write some kick ass fiction. It’s still free as I write this for those with amazon prime.

Shotgun Gravy is really very simple – a girl with issues and her shotgun go up against some bullies to help out a couple friends.

That simple premise is fanfreakingtastic. Atlanta Burns is the protagonist that you cheer for. She’s human, vulnerable and yet ballsy in a way most people just wish they were.

Her flaws are part of why you love her and her snark and wit just make you smile. I loved the writing and will be reading more of Chucks work for sure. I know this because I have pre-ordered  Blackbirds shhhhh but also covet like crazy Chucks other book Double Dead.

All in all Chuck Wendig is an author I think I’ll be blogging about often and one I think everyone who enjoys kick ass characters and story would like. Shotgun Gravy is a great way to get a taste for his work and what a hunger it has created in me.


“He thinks being gay is like a … decision. Like I choose that way now because I’m a rebellious teenager. But eventually the vagina will overwhelm me with its miasmic vapors.”

“That sounds like the slogan for a really weird douche commercial.”

“Sometimes she wakes up at night, smelling that gunpowder smell. Ears ringing. A whimpering there in the darkness. Doesn’t always hit her at night, either. Might be in the middle of the day. She should be smelling pizza, or garbage, or cat s**t wafting from the house next door, but instead what she smells is that acrid tang of gunsmoke. All up in her nose. Clinging there like a tick…”

So begins the tale of Atlanta Burns, a young girl with a grim past lingering at the fringes of her droll and dreary high school existence. She’s content to remain there, too, or so she thinks: soon, however, she’s drawn in a battle against two separate groups of bullies – a trio of local troublemakers and a group of Neo-Nazi gay bashers – to save a pair of new and unexpected friends. 

But actions have consequences, and by fighting back, Atlanta discovers she’s kicked over a log, thus revealing what hides squirming underneath. 

It’s just her, her friends, and a .410 squirrel gun against a handful of bullies and a conspiracy whose worst aspects remain yet hidden.

Can she triumph? 

Will her victory be paid in unseen sacrifices? 

Or is fighting back just asking for a face full of bad news?

  1. Oh cool! I haven’t read this either, but it sounds awesome! I hope it’s free on Amazon again!
    Anagha @ BookSpark recently posted..NetGalley Recommendations #10My Profile

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