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It is with great pleasure that I host today’s stop on the Sela tour. Jackie Gamber was the first author I interviewed on the blog and her book Redheart the first in the Leland Dragon series was the first book that I reviewed at the request of a publisher. I was quite nervous and very new still to blogging and reviewing but I was thrilled for the opportunity. From it I made many wonderful friends at Seventh Star Press and can honestly say my blog would not be the same if not for that review request.

Today Jackie brings another booktasting post. A tea drinker, Jackie likes to match teas to the books she’s reading. This booktasting is for the series, be sure to add Sela to your TBR pile cause you’re missing out!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)



“Leland Dragon Series Booktasting – A Taste of Fire” by Jackie Gamber, author of REDHEART and SELA, Books One and Two of the Leland Dragon Series

In May of last year, I had the pleasure of a visit to Jess’s blog as a guest writer with a Booktasting. This year, as she hostesses a stop on my SELA Blog Tour, I’d like to take the opportunity to offer another Booktasting.

This time, for my series.

Booktasting began as a sort of hobby for me–a personal challenge–as a tea lover and a book lover. Could I find a tea that enhanced a reading experience by matching or complementing the nuances of the storytelling? From my first public Booktasting in 2009 (H.G. Wells – ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU) until now, I’ve had so much fun discussing teas and books with readers and sippers! Tea with books is a natural combination.

After all, teas have antioxidants for the body, and books have antioxidants for the mind. It’s a win-win!

My series begins with REDHEART. In Leland Province, tension is high between dragons and humans. Two societies that once interconnected, they have split into factions that fear and suspect each other. Hidden away in a cave in this changing world is Kallon Redheart, a dragon who has turned his back on everything he once believed in. A dragon with the power to affect the rising tide of strife, if only he can accept his past and face his future.

REDHEART is the solid start to this series, and so for a companion, I’ve chosen a solid tea. Harney and Son’s Hot Cinnamon Spice, from their Historic Royal Palaces line, is a sturdy black tea with all the characteristics of a quality brew. With a bonus: sweet clove to deepen the texture, orange peel for a subtle, but undeniable partner of primeval flavor, and cinnamon. Each of these elements blend together to become more together than they are as separate flavors. The tea becomes the taste of heat.

The tang of dragon fire.

Harney and Son’s Cinnamon Spice tea is perfect to keep brewing, and sipping, even once you set down REDHEART and pick up SELA, Book Two of the Leland Dragon Series.


In SELA, we discover a whole new generation of Leland, as affected by the war-whispered land as ever. Sela Redheart is the dragon-born child of Kallon, but is trapped in human form, with no understanding of how to turn back. When’s she drawn into the plans of a scheming human ruler, Sela alone holds the answer to undoing it. She must find the courage to become her true self.


There’s no better sipping companion for Sela’s story than the cup of fire, the bracing rush of Harney and Son’s Cinnamon Spice tea. Borne of the Royal Palace Line, it’s a reminder that leadership and power can be something we harness to change ourselves, or to change the world.

But we’re not done yet. To raise this tea to a plane of higher calling, try adding a dash of honey and a splash of cream. You’ll discover why this beverage, like the Leland Dragon Series, can truly be dubbed “magic”.

Try them together and tell me what you think! And find me more Booktastings at I’d love to hear your opinions, and suggestions for more books to help pair up with their “tea soul”.

Jackie Gamber is the award-winning author of “Redheart” and “Sela”, Books One and Two of the Leland Dragon Series, now available! For more information about Jackie and her mosaic mind, visit

And meet Jackie elsewhere on the world wide web at:

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