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Look at these amazing covers the author herself created them. When I discovered that I was all kinds of impressed and envious, I seriously have no skills. I’m pleased to have Monique Morgan on to tell us about herself and her new books Pursuer and Dreamer. Be sure to check out her guest post from yesterday.

Please tell us about yourself –

My name is Monique Morgan, and I am an indie author who writes YA books.

Who are your favorite authors and your favorite books? –

My favorite author of all time would have to be Anne Rice. I personally think that she “did” vampires better than anyone else ever has. There is just something about her writing that is so beautiful. Another favorite author is Anne McCaffrey. I have always been drawn to science fiction, and the magic of the impossible? I put a question mark there because, hey, we could be zooming around to different planets someday or growing telepathic abilities… you never know

What are you reading now? –

Right now I’m reading Hollowland by Amanda Hocking. I love Zombies, and believe it or not, I have never read a book by Amanda Hocking. I’ve read about her indie success, and I was curious about her writing.

Have you always been writing or is it more recent? –

I have been writing stories since I was a little girl, and I have started novels in the past but never got past the first couple of chapters. I honestly don’t think I was at the right place at that time in my life, and when it was right, it just was.

Tell me about The Alwahi series –

The Alwahi series will be minimum three novels, telling the story of three clans in an underground kingdom called the beneath. The first book in the series is Pursuer. I say minimum in the above statement because there are certain characters that may have their own story told as well… but I can’t say anything further right now;)

You created the amazing covers for Pursuer and Dreamer fantastic job, how important is an eye catching cover? –

Thank you for the compliment! I think that it is extremely important. When looking through e-books that’s the first thing that is seen. If the cover is enticing, it is more likely to draw the customer to click and find out more about it. As an indie author, I think it’s even more important. We want people to give our books a chance, and that first impression may be all you get.

What future works do we have to look forward to? –

I am currently working on Dreamer, the second book in the Alwahi Series. Dreamer should be out sometime in the fall. There will also be a third book, Alchemist. Also… I have another book in the works, that’s not part of the Alwahi Series, but for now it’s a secret.

Tell us about Pursuer –

The story of Pursuer begins with two sisters leaving on vacation. Their plane crashes into the ocean, but not into the world that they came from. They enter a new beautifully deadly realm, the kingdom of Alwahi. In order to find her sister Zanas travels to the underground world of the beneath, and becomes a pledge of the fierce clan of the Pursuers. However, there is no failure when pledging Pursuer, it’s succeed or die.

Heres a snippet:

Her breath came out in small, excited gasps, her teeth bared, blood dripping down her chin. She could hear the sound of her own growling, as her heart pounded in her chest. Her vision began to clear slightly and her team came into view, reminding her of another hunting party she had hunted with. Just like that party, she found all eyes staring at her, and recognized the familiar emotion…respect.
Zanas found herself face to face with him. She looked into his eyes searching for the other emotion she always saw in people once they had truly seen her for what she was, a predator. But she saw nothing but wild excitement reflected in his eyes.
There was no fear.


~Chapter 8: First Blood

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