The Annihilation of Foreverland review

Tony Bertauski asked me to review his book back in February. I said I’d have the review up in a month. I suck I really do I’m so sorry Tony. This is a great read and one I highly recommend adding to the TBR list. A YA book from a boys point of view doesn’t happen often and a different kind of story which I like. The big mystery I knew in the back of my head but just couldn’t put together while I was reading. After I was done all I could think was how could you not see but at the same time the story sucked me in and had my attention. A great thing for a book to be able to do.


I was sent this book for review by the author and really wish that I had more time to read my kindle and then I could have read it sooner.

This may be a self published book but it is the reason why I read books that are self published. Yes some have grammar issues, some have bad editing if any at all but you find gems and quite frankly all the self published books I’ve read make me wonder about the publishing industry because they have all been great reads. So great that they should be on many a bookshelf. This book is no exception and no grammar or editing issues! Win!

Excellent character building. You get to know them and care about or hate them as the case may be but the feeling is strong. Part of that is the great world that is built, this island that young boys are told they have been brought to after an accident to heal. Something however is amiss and one refuses the “treatment” because of a girl in a dream. It’s no wonder they feel something isn’t right, if I woke up with some old guy sitting there trying to tell me oh it’s okay we’re here to help you but you can’t remember who you are and they don’t give you anything other than trust us I’d be freaked too.

The treatment is not appealing either. A needle jabbed through your forehead into your brain and to get that you have to get in a cold cell naked. Um freak out! But the appeal the alternate reality Foreverland once inside the needle. That place that you can be anything do anything. Ahhh it’s hard to resist and most do not. So why does Reed? Why suffer the cold cell, the torture that he is put through when anything awaits on the other side? Why does Danny Boy see that very girl from Reeds dream in Foreverland? What can they do to escape if it’s even possible and why are they really kept on the island?

Let me say it’s worth the read to find out. In fact I highly recommend it. It’s a unique read not a typical story that you’ve seen done is some variation a million times already. I appreciate that uniqueness, the originality. An excellent job and a great read not to be missed.

The Annihilation of Foreverland

  1. It sounds like a really cool premise for a book, but I gotta say–the title reminds me of the title of a series of South Park episodes about terrorists attacking “Imaginationland.”

    Sorry. My mind works in strange ways.
    Jonathan recently posted..Angels, Demons, Cyberspace–Oh My! (or, More Free Books!)My Profile

  2. Jessica ( frellathon )

    It’s totally cool my mind does strange and mysterious things as well.

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