Jack Whitsel interview

I have Jack Whitsel on today, his book Shadow of Kings book one in the Dragon Rising series is out June 15th.


Please tell me about yourself –

Writer and daddy sums it up pretty nicely. Though I began writing since I could put pen to paper, it was not until my sons were born where I began to see a change in my writing – hence my writing is invigorated by having them in my life.




What is your work space and routine like? –

I’m not technically a minimalist, but I have a lot of space and refrain from hoarding. My environment makes it’s easy to for me to lose myself in fantasy. And when I do write, it’s always in the morning  – no exceptions.

What do you do when not writing? –

I love movies and Happy Hour. Hmmm…I even love to go to movies after Happy Hour. When my sons are visiting, it’s baseball and X-box. And when the weather warms, we are always out and about.

Some favorite authors and books? –

I always have to start with the father of Contemporary fantasy – J.R.R. Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings changed many things in my life on many levels. I also love George Orwell, and even thinking about 1984 gives me the chills. When it comes to Historical fiction – Leon Uris is King. If you are Irish…read Trinity.

Shadow Of Kings has a lovely cover, who did it and how did it come about? –

Thank you, Jessica. The artistic genius is Ural Akyuz. He has also done work for Baen and Heavy Metal Magazine and I was lucky he was available. Ural is also the artist behind the image on my blog tour banner (which is also on the cover of my t-shirts and mugs <snicker>)

The cover’s concept was mine – a scene that I slightly adjusted to reflect particular aspects of the book. I was fortunate to be granted so much creative license with my first book cover.

What is it about medieval history that appeals to you?

In this era, wars were won by sword and wits. Europe discovered its identity during this time – a history and legacy that seems so foreign to the fledgling United States. There was a brutality in the medieval era that was almost…poetic. That period was only a sea of grey – the world of black and white were rarely seen.

You incorporated that interest into Shadow Of Kings, do you plan on doing something vastly different down the road or is your main focus fantasy combined with medieval history?

I love both aspects so much, I couldn’t have one without the other. That is not to say I won’t dive into other genres, but the Dragon Rising series will always have my careful balance of High Fantasy and medieval grit.

Please tell me about Shadow of Kings

Shadows of Kings is the first book in the Dragon Rising Series. In this book, a group of Principalities called the Hugue is trying to thwart an incursion by a savage race called the Harhn. During the invasion, the book primarily follows the actions of Lord Baudouin and Lady Lucia  – A Dragon Maiden of the Order. During their adventures they endure battles, monsters, and the decadent Darkfey. And in the end…well…you will just have to wait and see.

What do we have to look forward to with the sequel and when will it be released?

For starters, the introduction to new faces and being reacquainted with old friends. The second book will be slightly different – the pace remaining fast and furious. But where the first book was a flashpoint introduction, the second book builds a foundation of characters and settings that will prepare us for the maelstrom of the third and fourth installments. And that’s all I’m allowed to tell you. You wouldn’t want me giving up the goods on the first date, would you? <wink>

You can find Jack on his Site / Blog / Publisher

Shadow of Kings can be preordered now on B&N

  1. Thank you Jess for a wonderful Interview. I love your blog!
    Oceans of Love,

  2. Hello, Jessica! I have chosen you as a Versatile Blogger Winner. Details about the award can be perused at http://jwhitsel.wordpress.com/2012/05/23/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  3. I’ve mentioned before that I love your cover, Jack. But have I told you how much I enjoy movies and Happy Hour too? 🙂 Great interview!

  4. Hi Dicey!
    Sorry for the belated reply. Thank you! I’m very fond of Ural’s work. He did a wonderful job on my cover. As far as Happy Hour…1 Vodka-cran please!

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