Character profile from Betrayed by Ednah Walters

I have a character profile to share from a Betrayed by Ednah Walters the 2nd in the Guardian Legacy series. I’ve never had a post like this on before so this is new for me and I hope you all enjoy it. A unique and interesting way to get to know a character.

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Race: Nephil

Age: 16

Birthday: August 28th

Zodiac sign: Virgo (Virgos born on August 28 have creative natures. They grasp the interdependence of nature and art—a sensitive side that’s complemented by inner strength. Although August 28 natives have a good self-image, they can be deeply hurt by the bad opinion of others. They’re sometimes reticent about settling down, but that changes when they meet their soul mate.)

Grade: 10th

GPA: 3.8 (she sucks at physics and history)

Favorite Song: “Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum

Power: Psi, Energy, Empathy

Background: Nephilim with more than one power are very rare, but Lil inherited both her psi and empath abilities from her grandfather and energy from her father. A psi can control things with her minds, do mind control and even retrieve memories. Unlike regular energy Guardians, she doesn’t create alpha energy balls. She creates bolts of lightning, an ability she inherited from her father. As an empath, she can feel other people’s emotions when she lowers her shield.
Lil’s father is a nature-bender. Since nature-benders are demons created from inter-breeding Prime demons with different powers and of different species, Lil has some jerked up DNA floating in her body.

Lil has a very unusual beauty. Unlike most red-heads, she is not pale. Her skin is more golden or naturally tan, a combination of her father’s swarthy complexion and her Gypsy blood. At five-nine with green, doe-like eyes, and hair multiple shades of red, she is very exotic-looking, which makes her stand out. She doesn’t particularly like her hair color or the fact that she can’t tame its curls.
Lil is generally kind and compassionate. She is not afraid to ask for help or advice, but she can be stubborn and opinionated. Unlike the other Guardians, Lil grew up on earth because her grandmother his pure human and she was born on earth. She grew up with her grandmother’s Gypsy tribe, the Kalderash. Later, she spent years moving from place to place with her grandfather, as a result, she didn’t have any close friends. Once she makes a friend, she stays loyal. Her mother died when she was three and she didn’t meet her father until she turned 16. She has a half-sister and her grandfather is the Cardinal Psi Guardians.
Kylie is moderately social. She loves to dance, but not to party or go clubbing. Although she prefers being alone with her boyfriend, she doesn’t mind hanging out with the other teen Guardians or her human friends. She sometimes let other pressure her into doing things she doesn’t want to do so as not to hurt their feelings. She likes to think she does this to avoid confrontations.
Lil fully embraces her Gypsy heritage and enjoys wearing Gypsy skirts and accessories. She is not very particular about fashion and rarely stresses about what to wears. When not wearing Gypsy skirts, she is likely to be in jeans and T-shirts. When not with her boyfriend she hangs out with her best friend Kylie and watches streaming online videos. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, though she will read any classical book. This is likely her grandfather’s influence. Her favorite food is grilled chicken and baked potatoes.

Casting Call: Lil has a very unusual beauty. Unlike most red-heads she is not pale. Her skin is more golden. At five-nine, green, doe-like eyes, and hair with multi-shades of red, she is very exotic-looking. So if I were to cast her, I’d use Lyndsy Marie Fonseca.

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