Author Angie Fox interview and Fandom Fest talk

I’m fan girl squealing in a major way. I have author Angie Fox on my blog today for an interview and she kindly shared pics of her work space. I loveeeee asking authors about their work area. I always envision some dark sexy wood paneled study with a fireplace and they sit there smoking a pipe and oh okay so not everyone is Poe but I can imagine and Angie actually sent me pics omg you my dear rock! You’re office is awesome looking.



Angie will be at Fandom Fest this weekend which I sadly will miss. So to those who will be going enjoy and thank you Angie I hope you have an awesome time. Whoever is lucky enough to go please say hi to Angie for me and all the other amazing authors and stars who’ll be there.



1.  Is the face to face meeting at Fandom Fest as important to an author interacting with fans as social media or more so?
It’s hard to say what’s important while it is happening. For example, I met one of my favorite reader buddies, Alexx, at the Info Desk at Barnes & Noble when we were both attending a J.R. Ward signing. At the time, I just wanted to talk books with a fellow fan, but it ended up developing into a friendship. Now, we run into each other all the time. She even convinced me to buy a corset at Archon – gorgeous!
But social media is great, too, because it’s the perfect way to stay in touch, and meet new people too. I suppose what I’m saying is that it’s not important how you put yourself out there as much as how willing you are to do it.

2. What would your own dog sound like if it started speaking and is there ever enough bacon?
Are you kidding? There is never enough bacon. And Pirate is actually based on my late dog, Beau. Beau always had something to say. He couldn’t quite use the words, but he got his meaning across clear enough. I think he’d be the first to approve Pirate’s agenda.









3. Are conventions as much fun as I have heard? Got a good story from one to share?
Conventions are awesome. The trick is to just relax and go with the flow. As far as stories go, there’s always the time I was on an Archon panel with Laurell K Hamilton. We were in this huge room and I was one of the first to arrive. I could choose my spot on the stage, and so I sat next to this writer that I thought I remembered from other cons. She just looked familiar. If I wasn’t mistaken (and I was), I believed she was this e-press vampire writer.
We got to chatting and having fun. Mentally, I’m congratulating myself on my choice of panel buddies, because she was really cool. Before I know it, we’re 20 or 30 minutes in and the panel is late to start. Still, we were missing a person.
A woman came by and said we should probably start anyway. Everyone agreed, except me. I said no way should we start without Laurell K Hamilton. She was probably tied up with fans, she was the reason we had such an audience. Plus, as a fan, I couldn’t do that to her. My panel buddy started grinning and was like, “I’m Laurell K Hamilton.”
Whoops. She’d been telling me how she’d gotten into amazing shape (she had) and how she’d changed her hair (she had). Turned out, we were missing our moderator. And so we started the panel.

4. How much involvement do you have in the covers? (They look great by the way)
Thanks! I love my covers, and I have absolutely no involvement. Such is life. But the titles are all mine (except for Immortally Yours – my original title on that was The Monster M*A*S*H). But I love my cover artist. So much so that I had her design my website.



5. Do you have a picture of your work area? I’d love to share where the magic happens!


Sure. This is my office. It has a chandelier because, well, why not? And it’s fairly uncluttered because my assistant and I went through it last week. She’s helping me organize, which is nice. I’m more of a “stacks of paper” kind of person. She puts the stacks in files and then makes me use them. But the actual writing gets done on the couch. Out of seven novels and five novellas, I’ve never written one word at that desk.








6. My Biker Witch name is Buck Tooth Betty No Brakes what is yours and your porn star name? Go –
Today, I’m feeling like Easy Angie. And that can be my porn star name too. Double trouble!

7. What it like behind the scenes at an event like Fandom Fest for one of the big attractions? (I.E. doing your Q and A, or being on a panel)
It’s different every time. I just try to hang out and go with the flow. Like my goal for Archon 33 was to have a beer with a wookie (Peter Mayhew was guest of honor).
I have no idea what Fandom Fest will be like. This is my first time. But I promise my panels will be fun. You can see me at the I Want to Be a Vampire panel on Saturday at 4:00 and at the Urban Fantasy panel Saturday at 5:30. I’m also doing a Spotlight chat Sunday at 11:30 a.m.









Thank you so much to Angie for being on and sharing all about herself, her work space and about the convention circuit. Fandom Fest will be on June 29th – July 1st in Louisville, Kentucky. Check out the mile long guest list which is seriously amazing!

  1. Thanks for having me, Jess. Sorry I’ll be missing you at FandomFest!

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