Julie Kagawa interview #FandomFest

Julie is at Fandom Fest right now. Those of you lucky enough to be in Kentucky or able to swing by I can say in all honestly I am totally jealous but hope you all have a ton of fun. Be sure to say hi to Julie while you’re there.

Thanks to Julie for being willing to be on for a little chat about her work and conventions.


1. You have had great response to the Iron Fey series. Your new one, The Immortal Rules, has also achieved glowing reviews. Have your Iron Fey fans supported the new book or is it a different audience? Or a mix of both?

A little of both, I think. I have the most wonderful fans in regards to the Iron Fey series, and they’ve been so great in supporting this new venture, but I’ve also seen a lot of reviews that say The Immortal Rules is the first book they’ve read by me, and that’s been awesome too.

2. As your Iron Fey series has been so well received by bloggers, is it even more rewarding meeting those people face to face at conventions?

Absolutely. I love talking with readers, hanging out and interacting with them. I want fans to know that I AM just a fellow human, after all, lol.

3. Is that in person meeting just as or more important that the online promoting?

Online promotion is very important, I will agree. You can reach a much broader audience through social media, and someone who can’t meet you in person can still chat with you via Twitter, Facebook, ect. Still, I think it’s important to meet a reader in person as well. It’s exciting, for both the reader and the author. I never got to meet any of my favorite authors in person when I was younger, and I still get a little giddy when I have the opportunity now.

4. Any great stories from those conventions you’ve been to?

I wanted to meet Cassandra Clare for such a long time. We’ve always chatted on Twitter, and I never got to see her in person. Then, last ALA, I discovered she and I were going to be signing at the same time, within a few aisles of each other. So when I finished my signing, I hurried over to her table and saw that there were just a few people left, so I grabbed City of Fallen Angels and hopped in line to see her. Turns out, I was the last person in line, and she recognized me instantly (Cassie is so nice) and we chatted for several minutes and it was awesome.

Until I heard someone say behind me: “Oh, hello there, Mr. Scott Card.”

And my little fangirl heart went: EEK!

Apparently, Orson Scott Card, the Orson Scott Card of Ender’s Game fame, was at ALA too. I politely excused myself from Cassie’s table, and might’ve fangirled over Mr. Scott Card for a few minutes. And he was very nice to a still-newbie writer like me. Which I’m very thankful for, as I’m sure I sounded like a babbling idiot. If I ever meet Neil Gaiman at one of these cons (which is on my bucket list), I’m sure I’ll be a puddle of oozing fangirl on the floor.

5. Do you ever do or plan to do international conventions?

At the moment, that will be up to my publisher. Of course, I would love to travel internationally, so we’ll have to see what the future holds. 🙂

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