Placenta of Love review and giveaway

My continued interest in bizarro has been fed by Placenta of Love written by Spike Marlow part of the New Bizarro Author Series.

Spike will be donating all profits from the August sales of Placenta of Love towards Planned Parenthood because nothing says awesome like a vagina in tip top shape and lots of ladies out there can’t afford to get their vagina looked at by a doc to give them the much needed pap smear and general good health check that all ladies need. Super nice of Spike as small steps make a big change, here is Spike in her own words on what she’s doing. I will do my part by gifting one ebook copy to one lucky winner near the end of August. Just enter the rafflecopter form below and be sure to come back tomorrow and the day after for more Spike with an interview and guest post.

Placenta of Love is one I requested my local library buy and have on the shelf yay Dallas library you rock! I got to read it and while not all most bizarro any that I am familiar with anyway tends to be novella length so a pretty quick read. I am frequently amazed how much story can be packed into that novella length.

Spike takes the typical sweet love story and takes it on a head on collision with bizarro so while there is love it is between a sentient robot pirate and a placenta. Ahhh yes the magic of loooove. What you say a placenta can’t love? Ha! Shows what you know see Captain Carl the robo-pirate was given artificial intelligence by his creator who in turn taught him how to create artificial intelligence sadly Carl embeds that braingina chip into a placenta and all hell breaks loose or in the case of Venusian life the giant lady part hits the merry go round. Ah yes did I not mention that Placenta of Love is set on Venus the biggest most giant amazing theme park in the universe? Well it is and it has a cotton candy atmosphere, talk about a sugar high!

So here we are on Venus ( shut up it’s birarro this shit is totally normal ) and Carl the robo pirate has made himself Helen his lady love or at least she’s part lady I mean she is a placenta. So what is Helen’s natural instinct as a placenta but to breed like a fucking bunny of course and breed she does holy crap does she ever. She starts consuming everything including rides and turning all she puts up in her business into lot’s of little placenta. What is Captain Carl to do to stop his lady loves trail of destruction? Well with the help of the Pope of The Church of Transubstantial Birth Fear and a cat Jiji who loves spankies and really who doesn’t in particular with Carl’s orange dildo finger, they are sure to save the day. Surely …. hopefully … they should, okay just read the book it’s funny and I loved Jiji the spankies obsessed cat the best. I hope Spike writes another book featuring Jiji, perhaps Jiji in a different time and planet to get in on more spankies adventures. That would rock.

Check out another review and Spike reading the first two chapters of Placenta of Love the chick has a perfect phone sex voice so you can’t go wrong you’ll almost feel like you’re getting spankies yourself then go buy yourself a copy or you know enter my giveaway for an ebook copy. I’ll buy it for one lucky person, gifted on amazon or B&N.


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  1. New Bizarro Author Series sounds interesting, maybe I should read one of them
    Michael @ Literary Exploration recently posted..Book Review & Giveaway: GoldMy Profile

    • Jessica ( frellathon )

      Oh you so should if you haven’t as of yet. It’s strange and fun and satire and gross, sometimes all of the above but entertaining for sure.

  2. I keep weighing whether it is appropriate to read Placenta to the real Jiji and Fey. They’re technically minors, after all, though the spanking part is definitely real, so maybe Jiji at least qualifies as emancipated. Then again, in cat years they’re not minors, so where does one draw the line? Fascinating question.

    Maybe I should just make Spike read it to them…
    Heretic recently posted..The Pork Board SagaMy Profile

  3. Bwahaha. That sounds hilarious. You and your bizzaro – you might convert me yet.

    Jonathan @ I Read a Book Once recently posted..Mailbox Monday – August 6, 2012My Profile

  4. >Have you read any bizarro? Which one?<

    I started off a few years ago with Jordan Krall's Piecemeal June, and have since become a big fan of the genre. My favorites as of now (in no particular order): Forrest Armstrong's The Deadheart Shelters, Vincent Sakowski's Misadventures in a Thumbnail Universe, Jess Gulbranson's 10 A Boot Stomping 20 A Human Face 30 Goto 10, Carlton Mellick's The Kobold Wizard's Dildo of Enlightenment +2, and Eric Hendrixson's Bucket of Face.

  5. This sounds so ridiculous and amazing! It would be fun to explain the plot to someone you don’t know very well. A quick way to see what they are made of.
    Elisa recently posted..WWW Wednesdays (August 15th)My Profile

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