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Rise of Satan a book I sadly cannot review at the moment being behind is one that I loved the sound of as soon as I read the blurb. It’s author Errol Barr’s first book and so I thought if I can’t review gosh darn I’ll interview the man and give all of you a chance to read it with a giveaway. Errol agreed and he’s not going to give one person a chance no no it’s going to be 20 ebook copies up for grabs.

You’d be nutty not to enter. So read a little about Errol and then add your info into the rafflecopter form. Open internationally and whatever format you like as Errol will work some magic and make a coupon code for Smashwords for the lucky winners.

Rise of Satan opens in 400 AD, as courageous King Tiridates of Armenia and his seven sons, empowered by God, turn back Satan’s plan to stop the spread of Christianity. Ever since this epic defeat, Satan has been plotting his revenge. Now he is ready to unleash a diabolical plan to destroy man once and for all. He will spawn seven children from around the world who will grow into young musical geniuses and coalesce into a superstar rock band. Harnessing the hypnotic charisma of popular music and the power of modern media, Satan will make this supergroup so popular, so influential, that the youth of the world will fall under his spell – and soon everyone else. Satan is convinced faith and courage are powerless against him. But sometimes faith and courage are all it takes to turn everyday people into heroes.

In Ireland, Thomas O’Sullivan, family priest to Grew and Katherine McClosky, is horrified when Katherine is raped and visciously beaten. Clinging to life, Katherine gives birth to Chloe, who fills the delivery room with the sound of angels singing. . . .

In Los Angeles, music producer Avery Johnson and journalist Bentley Paxton become suspicious of hotshot music mogul Robert Best, whose strange behavior, and even stranger clients, leave them cold. . . .

Rise of Satan presents blistering, page-by-page terror, unexpected heroism, the inside world of pop music and an epic struggle that will leave you clamoring for Book Two, Vasallus!

Please tell us about yourself –

I am from Alberta, Canada and staring at the age of 50 come next year so I felt it was about time I got down to writing for real. Hence the release of Book One of the Superstars Trilogy, Rise of Satan. I am divorced, father of four and a grandfather of a three year old and a ten year old. My treasurers.

What are you reading now? –

I just finished Michael Connelly’s ‘Fifth Witness’ this week and looking to start an Indie writer Richard Stephensen’s ‘Collapse’ which I cant wait to read.

Some favorite books and authors? –

My favorite author is Michael Connelly, the best crime fiction write bar none. A close second is John Sandford, I just love the Lucas Davenport ‘Prey’ books.

Have you always been writing or is this a new venture? –

Rise of Satan is the first novel I have written however I have written many articles that have been published by trade publications.

Rise of Satan sounds great what was the inspiration behind it? –

Rise of Satan storyline came to me in a flash. I was in a hotel room late at night just watching tv and the premise for the trilogy just came to me. Quite bizarre actually. That was in 2007 and four years later I wrote it.

It’s got a great cover too who created it? –

I found the image personally among a few others but the overwhelming feeling among the people I showed them all to was the one that you see as the cover so I went with that. A graphic artist friend of mine Louie Alvarez from Las Vegas took it from there and finished it. I love it.

Why horror and do you plan on writing a different genre after the trilogy is complete or do you plan to stick with horror? –

No I am completely switching gears on my next project after the trilogy. It’s a love story surrounded by a heart pounding thrill ride of suspense. I may come back to horror again in the future as I have other great storylines but I am not married to that genre that’s for sure.

When will the second book be available? –

The second installment will be ready to go in the fall and the third book will come out in early 2013.

Rise of Satan is available on Amazon & Smashwords

Errol Barr can be found on the net at Facebook / Twitter

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  1. Rise of Satan sounds awesome! I can’t wait to read it!! Thanks!!

  2. I am reading the Rise of Satan….and it is awesome….

  3. Thanks for hosting Errol Barr on your blog Jess.
    Hi Errol. I am also a fan of Michel Connelly and John Sanford. Have you tried David Rosenfelt or John Connelly? I love them also.
    I am thrilled to discover your book. Sounds like exciting reading and two bonuses! It’s a series and I won’t have to wait long for the next books. Crossing my fingers, toes and eyes!! Hope I win.
    It was a pleasure getting tio know you.
    laura thomas recently posted..World Exclusive Interview With Author Charles A. Cornell Plus GiveawayMy Profile

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