Rhiannon Frater’s Vampire bride cover reveal

I am pleased to be part of the Vampire Bride cover reveal. Rhiannon Frater has had the covers for her vampire series redone. The third in the series Lament of the Vampire is coming 2013

Author Kody Boye has also reworked the interiors of the print edition so if you can get a hold of that it’s clearly giddiness inducing  though you’ll soon see the new ebook covers that are also amazing thanks to talented artist Claudia McKinney









Check out the original covers










Fascinating to see the evolution of the covers.

But now for the cover reveal. These are the new ebook covers.

New cover credits

Photographer: Helena Cruz
Model: Megan Young
Cover Artwork: Claudia McKinney
Typography: Ashley of The Bookish Brunette Designs

In THE TALE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE, Lady Glynis suffered great horrors at the hands of her evil vampire master, Count Vlad Dracula, and vowed she would one day escape him.


In THE VENGEANCE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE, Glynis learns to embrace the title of Countess Dracula as she sets into motion her plans to seek revenge on those who betrayed Glynis and her family to Dracula and to reunite with the man she loves.


Despite her ambitions, it soon becomes quite apparent that her life continues to be overshadowed by the ominous presence of Vlad Dracula.


Set in the 1820s against the lush gothic backdrop of Buda, Hungary…

So purdy. I fan girl squealed. Sure hope Rhiannon asks me to be part of the cover reveal and tour for the third in the series.

Be sure to check out the awesome Gothic horror series as well as Rhiannon’s other works because dammit the woman writes good stuff! Thank you Rhiannon.


  1. I love these covers. Brilliant work.

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