Author Susan Wiggs interview

I have author Susan Wiggs on today for an interview, so pleased to have the opportunity. Susan shares about herself and her newest book Return to Willow Lake.  Always a thrill to interview an author one of my fave things to do so my great thanks to Susan.


Please tell me about yourself –

SW: I’m pretty much like my readers: a wife, mom, daughter, sister with a lifelong love of books. I adore my family and friends, I’m a pretty good cook and I love to travel, love doing sports but not watching them, love the smell of fresh cut lilies, love my dogs, love my home on a little island. There’s more on my web site, including photos:


What is your work space and writing routine like? –

SW: My workspace is anywhere I happen to drag my notebook and fountain pen, or my laptop if I’m working on computer. There’s a little study I use for my home base, with a view of the patio and beach. Mostly I’m curled up on the sofa, writing by a roaring fire, or out on the patio enjoying the weather while I work. A writer is very spoiled that way. No cubicle for us!

What do you like to do when not writing? –

SW: Explore the world, read books, hang out with my husband, learn new things, eat. Chocolate. Lots of it.

What are you reading now? –

SW: Paris in Love, a Memoir by Eloisa James. I’m in Paris and I’m in love, so it’s a good match for meat the moment.

Some favorite books and authors? –

SW: Favorite books – gosh, so many, going all the way back to the Little House on the Prairie books. Huckleberry Finn. The Great Gatsby. Lord of the Rings trilogy. Green Darkness by Anya Seton. The Rhanna books by Christine MacDonald Fraser. Don’t get me started or I’ll keep you all day! Favorite authors: Luanne Rice, Tess Gerritsen, Elizabeth Wiggs Maas.

Are any characters ever based on people you know? –

SW: Every character is made up of bits and pieces of people I’ve met. Sonnet in RETURN TO WILLOW LAKE has a lot in common with a couple of women I went to school with–ambitious, passionate, yearning for love and connection.

Your stories have been contemporary, historical etc. do you have a favorite? And is contemporary more enjoyable to write? – 

SW: My favorite is usually whatever I’m working on at the moment. Both are wonderfully enjoyable and challenging in different ways. Conflicts are trickier in contemporary novels because we have so many options available. But the human heart will always give me a great conflict for a love story.

Do you work better with or without a deadline? –

SW: Sometimes I’d get nothing done at all if not for deadlines. Knowing when a book is due keeps me organized and momtivated. When you’re self-employed, it’s so tempting to play hooky. I think, though, that productive writers tend to be very professional about it.

For someone who hasn’t read one of your books which one would you recommend they start with and why that one? –

SW: I would love it if they would start with RETURN TO WILLOW LAKE. Even though it’s not the first of the Lakeshore Chronicles, it’s a book that has so much of my heart in it–a powerful mother-daughter storyline, a young woman’s personal journey to a crossroads in her life, and a dramatic love story.

Please tell me about your newest book Return to Willow Lake – 

SW: Oops, I think I just did. I can add that it’s a book about the tough choices we sometimes have to make, and how ultimately there’s really only one path for everyone–to follow your heart.

What future works do readers have to look forward to? –

SW: I’ve been busy! There’s an upcoming novel called THE APPLE ORCHARD which launches a new series of books that take place around a cooking school in Sonoma County, California. Readers can also expect Logan’s story in THE LAKESHORE CHRONICLES–a Christmas story called either CANDLELIGHT or STARLIGHT. I hope readers will join me on Facebook to get the latest:

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