Author Danger Slater wants you to Love Me errr him

I am pleased to have author Danger Slater on today for an interview. His book Love Me is out now. Check out the awesome viking cover and read the book I’m going to buy it today, you should too. A viking on the search for the meaning of life is a story I can’t pass up.

Please tell me about yourself

My name is Danger Slater. I make things up in my head and write them down. Then you read them. It’s a lot of fun.

With a name like Danger do you make an effort to live up to your name?

Of course. I’m not sure what kind of expectations a name like Danger conjures, but I try to keep it interesting. I try to keep I dangerous. When someone reads something I’ve written, I want it them to be constantly surprised by it. I love surprises. There’s no greater pleasure in life than being surprised. Of course I’m talking about if it’s a good surprise. Not like “Surprise! Your dog is dead!” More like, “Surprise! You can leave work 10 minutes early!” or “Surprise! You’ve just learned that Danger Slater is greatest writer in the history of the universe and you are now a funnier, smarter, better looking person for having momentarily basked in his radiant awesomeness!”
Ya know, that kind of surprise. Her

What are you reading now?

Right now? I’m reading these interview questions. But earlier I read an email promising me harder, longer, thicker erections.

Some favorite books and authors?

I am forever and always a fan of Vonnegut. The Sirens of Titan is my favorite book of all time. But here are a few other writers I’m really into: Tom Robbins, Carlton Mellick III, Brian K. Vaughan, Mykle Hansen, Chuck Palahniuk, Grant Morrison, and Jack Pendarvis. These are all authors who know how to blend the absurdness of situation with the truth of human emotion. There are people whose work I admire and have made me not just the writer, but the person I am today.

How do you like to spend your time when not writing?

I read. Drink. Play video games. Drink some more. Hang out.
Jeez, I’m boring….
What I meant to say was I like to rampage, riot and tear shit up and then I jet set around the world, gambling incomprehensible sums of money and sleeping with as many beautiful and exotic women as possible.

Who did the cover for Love Me? It’s fantastic and no bias on my part from having a viking helmet at the top of my wishlist or anything.

The cover idea I came up with about halfway through the book. But I’m terrible at any kind of visual art so I hastily drew up the sketch in my notebook and gave it to my girlfriend Stef. She designed the thing on her computer while I stood over her shoulder and yelled out commands in her ear like an obsessive director. It was then touched-up and arranged by my editor and fellow writer over at Jersey Devil Press, Eirik Gumeny.

Lot’s of things to write about and you chose a viking on a quest for the meaning of life. Why?

Honestly, I don’t think there really are that many more things to write about. Aren’t we all just lonely Vikings, drifting through life, searching for some foreign lands to invade and conquer? Love Me is about you. And me. And everyone. And it’s about those questions – the BIG questions about purpose, identity, meaning – the kind you ask yourself during sleepless nights. But it’s also about farts and satire and sex and irony and cartoonish violence and tasteless jokes and pretty much everything else I find interesting.

What do you feel are the makings for a great story?

What a good question!
Once I get an idea, the first question I ask myself is, “Why is this idea entertaining? And if it’s not, how can I make it entertaining?” As much as us writers want to prove something to you (the reader), or to prove to the world how smart we think we are, we should be first thinking why would anyone want to read this? I mean, most people don’t read books because they have to. They read them because they want to. For god’s sake, all you author’s out there who have written or are thinking or writing anything, please remember to ENTERAIN YOUR READERS! After that, it doesn’t matter and you can talk about whatever you want.

Please tell me about Love Me

The protagonist of Love Me starts out alone, in a castle, before the existence of time. He is very lonely and depressed and he wants something better (or at least a better reason as to why he feels so lonely and depressed) so he sets out on a journey across the entire world to figure out where he fits into the grand scheme of things. Of course, things are always going wrong because it’s impossible to live “objectively” in the world. And your existence and the things you do send ripples that have implications larger than you could ever anticipate. You might accidently create Christianity. Or invent capitalism. Or craft the atomic bomb. And now, the world you’re trying to figure out just got even more complicated. That’s sort of what Love Me is about. Oh, and it’s also about True Love. Because what’s a story without True Love?

What do readers have to look forward to next?

It’s been pretty quiet for the past few months. Just a couple of short stories here and there. But that’s because the projects I’m working for 2013 are going to be huge! I have 2 original comic book series that I have written and am in the process of developing with some fantastic artists. I’ve just broken ground on a new joint novel with fellow writer-man David Wallace Fleming. And I’ve got another novel that I’m working on that I’m about halfway through. More immediately, I’ve got a short story coming out later this year in an anthology from Bizarro Press. And I’m sure there’ll be some short form fiction peppered about the internet between now and then, depending on when/if the inspiration strikes me and when/if some random magazine feels like publishing my nonsense. It’s all very up in the air. I guess that’s part of what makes writing so exciting. You put the pen to the paper and you never know what’s going to come out.

You can find Danger on his site and twitter

Love Me is out now

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