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Welcome to the latest book tour from Rhiannon Frater for Pretty When She Kills the fantastic sequel to Pretty When She Dies.

Rhiannon has kindly agreed to offer all hosts on the tour the chance to let one reader win a copy of both books in the series any ebook format so scroll down and enter. In addition there is a big prize pack on The Bookish Brunettes blog where you should all go to enter for signed copies as well as book marks and vampire themed jewelry.

I’m thrilled to have Rhiannon guest post. As I live in Dallas the fact that her guest post is focused on Texas is pretty cool.


Texans, Stereotypes, and PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS
Rhiannon Frater

I was born, raised, and currently live in the great state of Texas. My love of Texas is
pretty deep. You can blame that on Texas History in school and trips to the Alamo. I’m
Texan down to my very core. I’m so Texan that while visiting in Europe, if someone
asked me where I was from I would automatically respond “Texas.” Not the United
States. Texas.

Therefore, it’s not very surprising that my books take place in my home state. I love
the geographical and cultural diversity of the state. Plus, Texas is huge and there are
plenty of regions to explore from South Texas to the Panhandle. At my former job as a
governmental consultant, I drove from one end of the state to the other. I interacted
with thousands of people and enjoyed the regional differences in each area of the state
from the local accent, food, and culture. One of the things I enjoyed about writing the
first book, PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES, was taking my character from East Texas to
West Texas and then down in Central Texas. I also enjoyed touching on the various
cultural groups in Texas from Amaliya’s Mexican-American grandmother to her redneck
family and pretty much everything in between.

Yet, as a Texan I’m very aware of stereotypes that exist about Texas. We take a
pretty harsh rap for some of the more stupid people who live here. Just like every part
of the world, you have your good, your bad, and just moronic. When I decided to write
about modern day vampires in Texas, I decided to show little aspects of Texan cultures.

Here are some examples:

Amaliya– My lead character and protagonist is reflective of a lot of different cultures
of Texas. Her ethnic background is Czech, German, and Mexican, which reflects the
three major groups that settled in Texas (after the native people). All three cultures
have added to the mix of Texan culture from Cinco de Mayo celebrations to Oktoberfest.
Innocente Ottmer – Amaliya’s Mexican-American grandmother (who married a
German immigrant) is the amalgamation of many of my Mexican-American friends’
grandmothers and mothers. There is something special about Mexican-American
grandmothers and how they treat their family and guests, and I wanted to give Amaliya
that experience. My biggest compliment has been from fans of the first book who told
me that Innocente is exactly like their grandmother.

The Vezoraks – Amaliya’s redneck side of the family doesn’t garner much
sympathy from readers. A few have accused me of the worst Texas stereotype. Yet,
more than one reader told me that I had written about their family to a T. My hubby
and I have a redneck branch in our extended family. We’ve been treated to turkey fried
in the front yard on Thanksgiving and my hubby has a great story about beer,
chainsaws, stepladders, and tree trimming. Redneck families do exist in Texas and most
are pretty great people. That being said, the Vezoraks are a dysfunctional redneck
family, but I think in PRETTY WHEN SHE KILLS you see how much they actually do
pull together to take care of their own.

Samantha– Samantha is a whole lot of Texas shoved into one tiny blond body. She’s
a graduate of the University of Texas and steeped in the culture of Texas football,
tailgating, and barbecue. Through Samantha the readers get to see a lot of Austin, Texas
and get a taste of what it’s like to live here.

The San Antonio Cabal– San Antonio and Austin are vastly different cities even
though they are only about one hour away by car. San Antonio sits at the edge of South
Texas and the Mexican culture is strong in the city. The San Antonio Cabal represents a
few different aspects of the Latino culture. Santos, the master of the city, is the offspring
of a Spaniard invader and Aztec woman. His half-sister, Etzli, is a pure-blooded Aztec.
Santos enlists cholos to enforce his will. Their cabal, which you see in the background of
the story, is a diverse group of people of Mexican descent in all shades and colors.
In closing, I hope that my depiction of Texas will ring true to my fellow Texans, and
that people from outside our state will enjoy getting to know the various facets of our
multi-cultural landscape.

The first in the series Pretty When She Dies is available in audio book format. Check it out along and know that it’s doing so fantastic that Pretty When She Kills will also get the audio book treatment. Be sure to enter and increase you chances to win two great books from an author who’s work I highly recommend by visiting the tour page for others participating in the tour.

Pretty When She Kills is available now. My thanks to Rhiannon as always for allowing me to take part. 

Pretty When She Dies: A Vampire Novel (Unabridged) - Rhiannon Frater





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  1. I love the whole Gulf Coast are also. I live in the Florida Panhandle. Just want to say thanks to Rhiannon and Jess for the giveaway.
    sherry fundin recently posted..Deeper Evil by Vickie McKeehanMy Profile

  2. I’ve loved the other books I’ve read by Rhiannon so I really want to read these as well. Plus, she’s really awesome and fun and skypes with her readers at book club 🙂

  3. I may not have been born in Texas, but I owned a house in Texas, I gave birth to two babies in Texas, I fell in love with a Texan transplant and helped my kids with the Texas history. I LOVED living in Texas!

    When I first visited San Anton I was blown away. As with many large states (I live in one larger than Texas now!) Traveling from one area to the other in-state, especially the first time, can be a culture shock. It was like going to another country!

    As for stereotypes, in Brit Lit we called that “realism” Character painting… Chaucer was quite good at it!

    I to have fried a few turkeys (well at least had it done) in the backyard, there was an incident that involved a Pokemon ball, a JUG of Chianti, a toilet being wrassled in the backyard with a hose and two very drunk soldiers.. like I said.. if you live in Texas expect things to be BIG, hair, cars and stories! I have wanted to read this for a VERY long time. Maybe I will win and have an excuse because Jess will guilt me into reading for fun! AWESOME post thanks to BOTH of you!
    The Bacon Walker recently posted..Botanicaust by Tam Linsey -The only crop left … is human.My Profile

  4. I may be a Jersey gal, but some of my very favorite books are set in Texas!

  5. I’m a sucker for a vampire series – LOL! Thanks for the chance to win!
    SM Johnson recently posted..SM Johnson ~Thursday Morning coffee ~My Profile

  6. I’ve been seeing these books all over the book blogging world and have seen rave reviews about them.

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