While I’m Still Myself audio book review

Jeremy Lane wrote a book that I have to admit touched me deeply. It’s the emotion that’s conveyed in such a short span. The few short stories about the little moments in life, the ones you look back on that pack a powerful punch.

They are now available in audio book format, Jeremy does the reading himself and what a fantastic job he does. His voice compliments the stories which works perfectly as having say a woman with a bouncy voice would not work at all.

I’d recommend checking this one out in whatever capacity you choose but be sure to add it to your TBR list.

While I’m Still Myself is now available not just in print and ebook but also audio. Check them out.

  1. And there you go, reminding me that I haven’t read Jeremy’s book yet… well damn. Gotta get around to that at some point, huh? Now I feel like a heel.

    On a more positive note, sounds like he did a great job with the audio. Kudos to Jeremy!


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