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Anthony J. Rapino wrote Soundtrack to the End of the World which has one of the coolest titles ever and is part of the reason I said yes to taking part in the tour. Also it has a great cover and is about zombies talk about the win Jessica over trifecta. My thanks to Anthony for the invite.

As you can see on the banner Anthony has some giveaways going throughout the tour so be sure to check out his tour page and hop around visiting all the participating blogs. Right now I have an interview to share with you all so you can get a wee bit of insight into the mind behind the fun, festivities and promised insanity.

A suicidal nudist strolls into traffic. An eccentric Buddhist claims he can occupy other people’s bodies. All the while, whispers of a new form of entertainment blow through town. Prompted by these strange occurrences, Marty Raft, a not-so-gentle giant, investigates and discovers underground clubs peddling music that induces an out-of-body experience. Marty and a wannabe comedian, Corey, set out to prove these special frequencies are nothing more than a hoax, or at worst, a mass-drugging.

Instead, they uncover a secret with world-ending possibilities.

If you can hear the music, it’s already too late.


JF:  Can you tell me a little about yourself please –
AJR: I’m a Capricorn, enjoy long walks on the– wait, what is this for again?
JF: An interview for your blog tour…
AJR: Right, right. Sorry. I’m a horror writer from Pennsylvania. I have a beard, and I sometimes hum to myself while eating something particularly tasty. If the food I’m eating is incredibly delicious, I may even dance a little. I’ve been told I snore while exercising, so I don’t exercise anymore. My favorite color is pie.
JF: What is your work space and routine like? –
AJR: My workspace is the inside of a large hollowed out pumpkin. Most of my day is taken up with growing pumpkins and then scooping them out, so I have someplace to work. When pumpkins aren’t in season, I work in the basket of a hot air balloon floating over the eastern seaboard.
Before writing, I need to first have some coffee. Or beer if it’s later in the day. I also have to say, “Here we go,” three times before starting to type, otherwise I get writer’s block and a bad case of heartburn.
JF: How do you spend your time when not writing? –
AJR: My lawyer is telling me I can’t speak about ongoing investigations. But I can tell you that I homebrew my own beer, hike, teach college level English, cook and bake delicious foods, and oftentimes scream “catnip” at passersby.
JF: Some favorite authors and books –
AJR: Most recently I’ve been getting into a fairly new genre called Sentient Radicalism. It’s mostly underground at the moment, with writers like Professor Granite, Adam “Apple” Rosko, Fangora Reynolds, and myself leading the charge. As the name implies, the work within this genre is all about “extreme consciousness” through enhanced perception of life and death–especially the former–for through this understanding deeper realizations of existence bleed through, highlighting the parts of life that are distractions. It’s like firebombing your mind.
JF: What are you reading now? –
AJR: Earth Revisited: Life Beyond Life, a mass collaboration between the previous mentioned authors. This is currently only available as a free hand-bound manuscript, with less than a dozen copies currently in circulation.
JF: You’ve written many short stories, I happen to love short stories what are some of your favorites? –
AJR: Richard Matheson rocks my socks off. As does Poe, King, and a whole host of other authors. It’s especially hard to choose favorites with short stories, but I loved “The Little Sisters of Eluria,” “The Black Cat,” and “The Funeral.” Oh, I also really like Roald Dahl short stories.
JF: What was the inspiration behind Soundtrack to the end of the World? –
AJR: During October of 2008, I was on one of my night-walks, enjoying the crisp air and smell of leaves, when something scurried in the underbrush just to the right of the road. I’m used to hearing sounds in the forest at night. It’s usually a squirrel or chipmunk, maybe a deer. But this time, it sounded different. It sounded like a person’s footsteps.
I stopped to listen closer. I never bring a flashlight on these walks, because the point–for me at least–is to melt into the deep inky black of night. Of course this also means I can’t see what I hear, and what I hear can be anything.
As I leaned into the darkness, I thought I heard someone whisper, “It sounds like the end.”
I ran, whether from myself or from someone hiding in the woods, I don’t know. But I ran all the same, with those words echoing in my head. It sounds like the end.
At home, I started writing.
JF: What do we have to look forward to next from you? –
AJR: More lies, more truth, more horror.


Author Bio

Anthony J. Rapino resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania, somewhere between the concrete of the city and the trees of the forest.  On occasion, you’ll find him moderating the feverish battles between the creatures of these two arenas.  Whose side he’s on is anyone’s guess.
His newest fiction can be found in Black Ink Horror, On Spec, Arcane Anthology, Electric Spec, A cappella Zoo, Space Squid, TQR Stories, and carved inside a variety of autumn gourds.  His short story collection, Welcome to Moon Hill, is currently available, as is his first novel Soundtrack to the End of the World.  Proof of his psychosis can be found on his website:

Soundtrack to the End of the World can be found in print and ebook

Print – Amazon / Bad Moon Books / Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

Ebook – Amazon / Smashwords / B&N / Crossroad Press

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