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It started as a pinpoint of intense clean white that slowly began to unravel like a ball of yarn rolled too many times. The white expanded and after a time it would stop and jerk back pulling her under into the blackness. Eventually she was able to make out a few shapes in the otherwise blank landscape. She could almost make out a straight vertical line to her left. Turning her eye all the way to the right she thought she saw a flicker of movement, but it must have been her eyelash shaking.
That was when the girl tried to blink. She could not. The eyelid struggled and pulled to close, but there was only so far it could go. Her tear duct began to fill and she found that her left eye would not open. There was something cold and hard pressed against it holding it closed. As she attempted to pull away, the entire left side of her face from forehead to chin would not move. Turning her open eye quickly to the left she could see the edge of something hard, maybe concrete pushing just over the tip of her nose.
Quicker now, things were peering through the thick fog in her head. A muffled cry clawed and fought to make its way out of her lungs, but her mouth would not open. Her lips were sealed shut. She could feel the skin stretch as she pulled. Lifting her right hand to her mouth she turned her fingers to pull at her lip. The girl’s eye was hurting from exposure and not being able to blink, but she could clearly see another person’s hand attached to her own.
Stuck together from fingertip to the base of her palm it was an air tight seal. Dirt clumped around the nails and old, freshly scabbed scratches blotted around the knuckles. At some point the nails were painted a deep shade of red but that was a long time ago. There was the hint of a tan line where a ring used to be barely noticeable beneath the dust and blackened dried blood. The stranger’s hand felt cold and offered no resistance to her movements. She tried to make more noise to get this unseen person’s attention. Shifting her weight she now felt her bare feet pressed firmly to the cold concrete floor. She couldn’t even wiggle her toes.
Her left arm numb and tingling, moved toward her a bit pulling the strange hand to the right. When she moved her left arm back, the hand tugged in the opposite direction. A picture appeared in her head of spinning around a maypole holding hands with her brother when they were kids. She felt a digging sensation in her shoulder as she moved back and forth. She tried to look down to see what it was, but couldn’t see that far.
The lights went out.
If she could move, she would have jumped when the warm, sharp piece of metal slid into her right nostril. In her mind’s eye she had a fleeting image of her doctor breathing on his stethoscope before touching it to her breast. Even in the darkness her open eye burned and darted around to find some source of hope.
She smelled a sour mint as the liquid was squirted around the inside of her nose. The strangers hand attached to hers lifted and pressed her nose holding it there for a few seconds, sealing it completely. Then it dropped, swinging back and forth gently.
The girl pulled at the air through the small crack left open in the other side of her nose sticking against the wall. There was a faint whistle like squeezing the air out of a balloon. She didn’t think to question why this was happening to her, or who would want to hurt her like this. Her body just wanted to breathe.
Her hand slapped up and down and she pulled so hard the skin on the side of her face began to tear. She could feel the blood dripping down into the crevice of her neck. She didn’t care if she had a scar. She didn’t care if she only had half a face left. She pulled for air.
A match struck and its light burst directly in front of her face. The stranger’s hand lifted up slowly and pushed against her ear as the metal slowly filled the rest of her nose with the thick warm liquid.
The girl breathed as deep as she could until there was nothing left to take in.
The match went out.
The ground was dry and aside from a few cars passing down at the end of the block, quiet. All the neighbors with dogs had moved thank goodness. No baying at the moon or leaping at fences to heckle while walking by their land in their oh so predictable attempt at protecting their masters from every interloper’s intent on wrong doings.
A deep breath in through the nose brought the clean spring air. Stretch the arms out and reach those fingertips far as they can go. Nothing on underneath the robe, but there haven’t been any neighbors for a few months. No one left now to see anything if he stood there fully exposing his ample manhood. Leave it open and let the sun tickle the exposed skin. It feels good.
Squint and hold a thumb up to get a sense of scale. Head angles to the side a bit for a change of perspective. It could almost work. It’s pretty close now, the picture being formed inside. Only needs a few more touches. A few splatters here and there. Already have an appointment with the next model, later this afternoon in fact.
Pick up the paper, stretch again for a moment and then head back to the door. It’s going to be a busy day.

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