Haunting Obsession by Rj Sullivan review

Rj is super awesome, he has a fantastic sense of humor which I love. It’s about time I share a review for one of his books and perfect time to as his publisher Seventh Star Press has a giant sale on which goes till Tuesday. You can find Rj’s book as well as many other great ones on sale right now so take advantage and add some great books to your book shelf.


A short story about a guy called Daryl who has no clue how good he has it with his girlfriend. He does something so stupid she’d have been smart to smack him upside the head and then walk away never to look back. A different story that would have been for sure.

Rj spins quite the tale about Daryl’s obsession with a long dead star when she begins to haunts him it’s quite the oops I shouldn’t have done that except for the sexy time Daryl has with her. Oh my!

My favorite part of the story was when Rebecca Burton came in to the picture as she seamed the only one with some sense in her head. Rj does a great job of making you shake your head at the actions of many of his characters. These silly actions by these entertaing characters lead to the big show down at the end which I enjoyed it was a satisfying end to a fun little story. I look forward to future Rebecca Burton stories

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