Spook House by Michael West book tour

I’m pleased to share an exclusive image that was created for Spook House by the amazingly talented Matt Perry.

I do appologize to Seventh Star Press and Michael West in particular for not having this post up on the day it should have been. Now that the move has been made I’ve been focused on getting many things done here so checking my email in the last couple days I didn’t do and as a result didn’t have the info needed. It should have been ready and scheduled quite a while back so again I am sorry for my error.

Michael West is a talented author who embrases the spooky and lucky for us his talents lie in an avenue where he can share that with us all. Check out Spook House and be spooked yourself.

Exclusive to the hardcover edition the bonus image for Spook House by artist Matt Perry

There are some places in this world that go far beyond any normal definition of “haunted.” These places are so evil, so diabolical, that they become gateways to Hell itself. The Fuller Farm is one such place.

It is said that old man Fuller conducted unspeakable acts, blood rituals and human sacrifices, all in an attempt to gain the ultimate knowledge, the ultimate power. And then, he was killed–horribly murdered on his own lands, leaving the house to stand as a vacant monument to his wickedness. But once a door is opened, it can never really be closed.

Now, the stars are right. The gateway is ready to once more unleash unspeakable horror upon the town of Harmony, Indiana. And this will be one Halloween that they will never forget!

Michael West is a member of the Horror Writers Association and Indiana Horror Writers, where he serves as President. A graduate of Indiana University, West earned a degree in Telecommunications and Film Theory, and since that time, he has written a multitude of short stories, articles, and reviews for various on-line and print publications. He lives and works in the Indianapolis area with his wife, their two children, their bird, Rodan, their turtle, Gamera, and their dog, King Seesar.

His children are convinced that spirits move through the woods near their home.
West’s short story “Goodnight,” originally published in WICKED KARNIVAL #6, was named “Best Horror Short Story of 2005” in the P&E Readers Poll.

  1. Oooh, that book sounds awesome! Scary and yucky and horrible, but so good!

  2. Thank you Jess! 🙂 You rock!

    Elisa: I love your description! haha “Scary, yucky, and horrible, but so good!”

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