Interview with NBAS author Andy Adams

I am most pleased to have another author who is part of this years NBAS ( New Bizarro Author Series ) on. Andy Adams author of Janitor of Planet Anilingus joins me for an interview to share a little about himself and his most uniquelly titled book which I must confess to being very amused by. Andy sounds like a great guy and hes reading In Watermelon Sugar which totally rocks and has me all excited as I myself loves that book. Be sure to check out Andy’s book for a taste of something a little different ūüôā


In a galaxy where everyone is Roman Catholic and sexual fetishes are celebrated on a planetary scale, the fate of all life rests in the hands of one man: Jack‚ÄĒjanitor of Planet Anilingus.

All Jack wants to do is his job. But his desires quickly change when he meets a weird, sexy woman and the mysterious killer who wants her dead. After being fired and replaced with an idiot, Jack fights to survive in a world of perpetual erections, anal pregnancies, possessed pigs, and competing Gods.

It’s a battle that will lead him to the heart of his planet, and into history in a mildly disgusting, 2001: A Space Odyssey sort of way

Please tell me about yourself –

I’m 25. I grew up in Ohio in the middle of nowhere. My childhood consisted¬† of playing with hamsters, running around in cornfields, reading Goosebumps books, and watching sitcoms and horror films. Oh, and summoning demons¬† and making toast and doing fake martial arts in my basement, and Bigfoot and UFOs, and studying my face in the mirror until I experienced¬† ego-death, and crying.
I lived in the same house for 21 years in a ghost town with a population of about 50 people. I moved away for my¬† last two years of college, then I dropped out of college and joined the Air Force because I thought it was funny, then I got discharged early for having an extra toe, then I went back to Ohio and wore a hardhat, then I moved to Portland, Oregon,¬† where I’m trying to start a kazoo band.
I really just want to be  sincerely myself, but I have trouble knowing what that means. My two  favorite things are love and outer space, followed closely by cosmic  horror.
I am available to perform at birthday parties.

What are you reading now? –

Richard Brautigan’s In Watermelon Sugar, this year’s New Bizarro Author Series, and The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

Favorite books and authors? –

Some of my favorite books are: The Brothers Karamazov; Kafka’s The Castle; House of Leaves; Finnegans Wake (though I haven’t read all of it yet and it might take me the remainder of my life to do so); Infinite Jest; VALIS; Our Lady of the Flowers; Stephen King’s It; Being and Time; and pretty much every other book ever written, including telephone¬† books. As for authors, I like Burroughs, Beckett, Lovecraft, Vonnegut,¬† Carlton Mellick, Sam Pink, Chuck Palahniuk, Clive Barker, Richard¬† Brautigan, and the kid who writes Axe Cop. And everyone else.

What is your favorite bizarro read? –

Cameron Pierce’s The Pickled Apocalypse of Pancake Island and Lost in Cat Brain Land; most of Carlton Mellick’s books, but especially The Egg Man, Apeshit, Cybernetrix, and his earlier stuff like The Baby Jesus Butt Plug; short stories by Bradley Sands (Sorry I Ruined Your Orgy is a great collection) as well as his Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You; D. Harlan Wilson’s short stories; anything by Kevin L. Donihe, but particularly House of Houses; and The Overwhelming Urge by Anderson Prunty.

How did you discover bizarro and what about it hooked you? –

I discovered bizarro when I was a teenager scouring the internet for  reasons to live. I was doing that one day and found Carlton Mellick III. This was in 2004, I think, when he only had five or six books out  instead of five hundred; but those five or six books looked like the  most fantastically deranged things ever written. I branched out from  Mellick to the rest of Eraserhead Press and beyond. What hooked me on  bizarro was that thunderstruck moment I had when I realized that art and literature can be whatever we want them to be and that it is a good and beautiful thing to be as weird as we really are.

What was bizarrocon like? –

BizarroCon was like some rare astronomical event. It was like a movie. It was like real life. It altered the course of future events. There were a lot of stabbings.

Did you do a lot of hands on in depth research for your book? –

Yes, I definitely did a lot of hands-on in-depth research for Janitor of Planet Anilingus. To delve into the janitor character’s psychology, I pushed a broom¬† around and cleaned toilets; and then, to really get the sense and¬† meaning of anilingus, I watched countless hours of reality television and underwent an unnecessary colonoscopy. And once religion worked its¬† way into the plot, I converted to Catholicism for an hour just to see¬† what it was all about. Thorough research is a big part of everything I¬† do.
Mostly I just look things up on Wikipedia if I need to.

What was the inspiration for Janitor of Planet Anilingus? –

Work, porn, and The Omega Man. (Actually, I’ve never seen The Omega Man.)

What do you have planned for the next year to get the word out about your book? –

I’m going to do a promotional offer where I do janitorial service for a day for anyone who buys the book. Well, anyone who lives around me. I’ll¬† probably do different readings and performances (although they probably¬† won’t have anything to do with the book). I’m going to make a t-shirt¬† (one single t-shirt) and wear it around (under a jacket). I’ll do chaos magick.¬† I’ll be really nice to everyone I meet, and then, once I’m sure they¬† like me, I’ll mention my book. And I’ll try to do interviews … like¬† this one! Thanks for interviewing me. ūüėČ

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