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Please welcome Sarah Baethge who’s new book Panoptemitry is out now. Her guest post is about her new book, take a look it sounds great.



In my book, Panoptemitry the world of Gilnar is a prison planet maintained by The Caytalan Church. To say it is maintained is somewhat misleading though, for the inmates are simply abandoned there and left with no guards. The plant-life on this planet is leafy and not woody so that it discourages building. If that was not enough, the planet is forever covered with acidic precipitation so no metallic structure is able to last for any length of time.

Animal-life on Gilnar is limited to giant lobster-sized winged insects known as skrifters. These feed upon the reedy plants which the prisoners find inedible. These people do however hunt and eat the Giant bugs.

Another annoying factor of this planet is that the church refuses to normally abandon any women on its desolate planes. Some of the prisoners believe this to be further punishment inflicted upon them for whatever senseless church rule they might have broken to cause their imprisonment, but this isn’t really the case at all.

The true reason for the lack of female population has more to do with the church’s secret agenda for keeping the prison in the first place. You see, while most of those kept on Gilnar are known criminals of one form or another, the purpose for their being kept there has nothing to do with these men’s punishment at all. It has more to do with the fact that other governments aren’t likely to risk war by trying to rescue them.

The church is actually keeping these men because they need a large number of bodies with a low concentration of estrogen to grow their Caytalan sprites within. When these microscopic organisms grow within a man’s body, they impart telepathic and telekinetic abilities to him they grow within. In fact, a person infected with the sprites becomes able to converse with The Galactic Spirit, Caytal.

Because of this, Caytal himself generally avoids the planet of Gilnar.

At the beginning of Panoptemitry, two of my four main characters are lucky enough to find themselves trapped upon the paradise of Gilnar. The other two are left to get their wits together so they can try and get their original team back together. Even if they can manage to do this what they went through for this imprisonment can’t just be easily righted.
Will S.Y.M.A.C.’s goal of enabling access to the entire universe prove fatal to they who work to bring all knowledge together?

Sarah can be found on her blog and facebook

  1. Sounds pretty cool. Thanks for telling us about it, Jess and Sarah.


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