A series, to begin or not to begin? That is the question

I have a love hate relationship with series. I enjoy them of course and get excited that I get to enjoy a character again and again. I hate however waiting. I know I’m not the only one in that. The anticipation is of course the point by the author and the publishing world. To get you hooked, to get you to buy not just the one book but the whole series, to leave you chomping at the bit to get your hands on the next book. Harry Potter. Do we remember what happened when those came out? The lines at midnight for the release in particular of the last one, I know I was there with a couple hundred other people.

My mother was reading the series and she, my dad and I went out before midnight, then when the time came bought our copy. I hadn’t started reading the series then so I kept giving death glares to people sending physic death threats that if anyone spoke out loud a spoiler I would hurt them in severe ways.

When the time came I read the Harry Potter series one after the other. I read them when I had access to all the books without having to worry that I would need to wait a year or more for the next one. My mother is a peculiar woman. She loves reading she’s where I get my love of books and reading from. Thanks Mum. She however has been known to borrow a book from the library only to discover that it’s the third book in the series. An annoying thing to happen for sure. She of course will want to read the whole series so we’ll then go out and buy/borrow the books.

Just recently my mother read Avengers Angel by Heather Killough-Walden, the first in a series. She saw it at the library, borrowed it read it and liked it. Read the rest of the series of course. Off to the library we go. While there I find the third book but the second can’t be found, says it’s in but the librarian can’t find it either possibly lost. We’ll put it on hold for you. So we leave and forget book three right? Wrong. This is what I don’t understand. She wants to read the third so its here at home and she’ll read it without having read the second book. This would drive me crazy. I can’t watch a movie or read a book out of order it would make me nuts she however will do it and has more than once I may add. Why? I don’t get it. Why read books in a series out of order, library only has the fourth book available, I’d wait she’d borrow read it and go back when the third was in.

How do the rest of you feel about series? Love them hate them? Want more stand alone or more series? Would you read a series and bounce back and forth or do you have to read it in order? Do you wait till they’re all out or read as they come?

  1. Love, love, love me some series. I’m with you – must be read in order. I’m ancient, so I remember the kinds of series like Tintin and Asterix and The Secret Seven where there was a series of books about the characters but they could be read in any order. Wonder if you could do that for grownups and I’m not talking murder mysteries? Hm.

    As a writer, I loved writing my series, but now that it’s done I’m anxious to do a standalone. Can’t wait to dev. a new set of characters and watch them grow up.

  2. I love them but lately I won’t start them if they are over a certain amount in the series 🙂

  3. I like series, but it seems everyone is writing them these days. I prefer to to have one or two going at a time so I can really enjoy them. I also like series that have to be read in order – like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series or Jack Higgins’ Sean Dillon series. At least for Jack Ryan, they were not published in chronological order.
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  4. I am like you, I MUST read series in order. I collect series books and won’t start reading them until I have all of the current ones. Lol.
    I love series, but get sucked in and invested and get a little irritated waiting for the next one to come out. I especially hate cliffhangers!
    I like stand alone also, but sometimes the world that the author built needs more than 1 book. 🙂

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