Thanks movies for book recommendations

World War Z is a movie coming out based on a book. Shocking! You know Hollywood and their original ideas….. Yeah.

I have that book by the way and have decided to not watch it but read the book instead. Very rare that the movie is better or just as good as the book so I’ve decided to wait if it should be all that and a bag of chips then I’ll watch it after hearing all the hype once its on dvd. If not then no loss still got the book.

Sometimes however you hear about a book via a movie. So many movies are based on books that you don’t even realise. Die Hard anyone? Not many know its based on a book. It is. The one that I want to see and read thanks to a movie trailer I saw on IMDB is The Wall. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t.

The Wall

I will be checking this one out. What do you all think? Plan on reading – seeing it?

  1. Holy crap, that looks amazing. I hadn’t heard of it either but I am definitely going to see the movie. Book too you say?! Hmmm.

    Also – I have World War Z too and am going to read it before I even try to see a movie. 🙂
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