Rasputin’s Bastards by David Nickle review

Rasputin's Bastards


They were the beautiful dreamers.

From a hidden city deep in the Ural mountains, they walked the world as the coldest of Cold Warriors, under the command of the Kremlin and under the power of their own expansive minds.

They slipped into the minds of Russia’s enemies with diabolical ease, and drove their human puppets to murder, and worse.

They moved as Gods. And as Gods, they might have remade the world.

But like the mad holy man Rasputin, who destroyed Russia through his own powerful influence… in the end, the psychic spies for the Motherland were only in it for themselves.

I enjoyed Rasputin’s Bastards and there is no doubt after reading this book that David Nickle is a very talented author. The story is elaborate, meaty and well written. It however confused me a great deal.

The story based on a dozen or so central characters about Russian sleeper agents, psychics, puppet masters and of course their puppets. Who that is frequently is a mystery. Which gets to the confusion. The story is told in bursts from a variety of characters point of view. When changing you often wonder wait who is this and what is their role in the story, just when you remember and start to get going off you go to the next person and where they are or their flashback or well you get the picture.

Rasputin’s Bastards is a highly intelligent story and I am only pleased to have read it however I think the length of the story which after a point just made me impatient and the extensive character list and frequent switching back and forth which confused me made me not love it. Like it, enjoy it, admire it for it is good yes ┬ábut no I didn’t love it.

I do recommend the book just be prepared. I for one look forward to David’s next book I will indeed be reading more of his work.


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