Kaleidescope by Mindy Hayes tour interview and giveaway

I’m so pleased to present an interview with Mindy Hayes author of book one in the Faylinn series Kaleidescope. She hears voices and has a very specific way to eat M&M’s. I totally like her 🙂 Okay I’m a dork but she sounds super nice and so does her book.

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“Was I still a human? Gosh, I still wanted to be human. Even just to keep a sliver of whom I thought I was. But as I thought about being human, standing in the shade of the forest, I felt less human than ever. The trees fought for my allegiance.”
It starts in her chest. The change Calliope doesn’t see coming. It pulses like a second heartbeat, urging her to give in to the need to be in the depths of the forest. She’s compelled to fight the pull, but the more she denies it the stronger it becomes until she finally surrenders and is pulled into a secret world of enchantment.
Kai and Declan need her to accept what she is, but with everything left unsaid, acceptance may be the least of their worries. Knowing their fate lies in her hands, they’ll stop at nothing to protect and prepare her for what lies ahead.
Will Calliope be able to accept what Kai and Declan reveal or will her desire to be normal keep her from acknowledging her true destiny?


Can you tell me something about you that no one knows?

I make faces in the mirror while I’m washing my hands in the bathroom. I don’t mean like kissy-checking-myself-out faces. I literally try to make the ugliest faces I can. I like to think it’s practice for ugly face contests with my sisters and nieces, but it’s mostly for my own entertainment.

What are you reading now?

I just finished reading Promise Me This by Sarah Ashley Jones and loved it!

Some favourite books and authors

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Anything by Gayle Forman, Cassandra Clare, Tammara Webber, Tarryn Fisher or Colleen Hoover

What is your writing space and routine like?

I wish I had a cool writing space to talk about, but really its just the chaise on my couch! I work full time so I write at night and on the weekends, so basically I never sleep. When it comes to my routine…I write whatever scenes come to me. Some authors can write beginning to end, but if I did that, Kaleidoscope would still only have like ten chapters. I get stuck if I don’t write what I’m inspired by at the time. If we’re getting into the real nitty gritty…I write the dialogue first, then go back and fill it in. Conversations always come to me first. I don’t know why. I constantly hear voices. I’m probably crazy.

How do you spend your time when not writing?

Aside from working, I read. Read, read, read. Sometime I eat. Sometimes I sleep. Sometimes I chat with my husband. I might clean up my house a little bit. Who am I kidding? Mostly I just read.

What is the correct way to eat M&M’s?

Haha…color coordinated. You have to have one of each color in your hand. Then you eat the brown, yellow, red, orange, blue, and save the green for last. Green is the best one;)

Is there a genre you’ve yet to write but would like to try?

I’ve dipped my toes into YA fantasy, YA contemporary, NA contemporary. I can’t write a novel without a love story. There isn’t a specific genre that I think, “Yes I have to write one of those!” I just write what comes to me and what inspires me. I’ve had a YA dystopian idea floating around in my head, but it would be years down the road if it ever does come to fruition. I can tell you I’ll probably never write a horror or mystery. Wait. Maybe I should never say never…

Please tell me about the Faylinn series

Well, Calliope sort of appeared in my head one day. I had just finished reading a fae series that I DID NOT enjoy(one that will not be named) and it only seemed right to write about faeries the way that I imagine them. So…Calliope has a feeling something is different about her. She’s drawn to the forest, but she keeps that to herself. Everyone will think she’s crazy. One day she decides to give in and runs into a couple shirtless guys in the forest behind her house. They tell her she’s part faery. Obviously she’s a little thrown by this. She’s got a bunch of bare-chested lunatics(attractive lunatics, at that) living in her backyard, but she’s too curious about them to let it go…and the story unfolds from there 😉

What do readers have to look forward to next?

This year look for Ember, Book #2 in the Faylinn series. It will be out in August! I also have a NA contemporary romance, Me After You, coming out in December!

Mindy grew up in San Diego, California exploring her interest for singing and playing the piano. Mindy firstMindy Hapyes discovered her passion for reading when she had to make her first flight alone to South Carolina to visit her, then, fiancé. Mindy’s love for writing followed shortly after. She and her husband have now been married for five years and live in Summerville, South Carolina.
Kaleidoscope is her debut novel, its sequel, Ember, will be released in September 2013.

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  1. Green M&Ms are the best, huh? 😈 Nice interview. Thanks for the giveaway.
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