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Welcome to an interview I am very pleased to shared with author Keith Hollihan. I was so curious about his new book that I went out and purchased a previous one of his. The newest one that readers can try is Gamification/C-Monkeys a double novella flip book which sure peaks my interest. Take a look see and enter for a copy. Print within the US/Canada and an ebook for International.

Keith Hollihan



This is a double novella “flip book” pairing a modern corporate suspense story about the cover-up of a CEO’s illicit affair, with a 1970s-era science fiction thriller about an oil company’s environmental disaster. It is an exploration of the paranoia inherent in business and the thin line between competition and conspiracy.


Hi Keith, can you tell me a bit about yourself please? –

When I finished college and travelled to Japan, I thought it was for six months, but I’ve never been home since. I’m a Canadien errant. I live in the US now, with my wife and two boys, and spend a lot of time driving to rinks. But I have a strong desire to travel and live abroad again.

What is something about you that no one knows? –

I cry easily while watching sappy movies, particularly involving gun fights, zombies, or sports.

What are you reading now? –

I always have about five books on the go at once. Right now, two of them are The City and the City by China Mieville, and The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

What is your work space and writing routine like? –

I like to keep my freelance work and my fiction writing physically separate, so I have a studio in a converted warehouse. When I go there, I don’t have internet, so my only distraction is the work, the books I’m surrounded by, and my very old couch. I get there as much as I can.

Is there a genre you’ve yet to write but would love to do so? –

I’d like to write a horror story that stands the test of time because it drills right into something simple and primal that we all fear.

I read the excerpt for your previous novel The Four Stages of Cruelty and said right away. I must read this book. For those not familiar with your work, can you tell us more and what we have to look forward to? –

Everything I write is very different from what came before it. I like to explore. Right now, I’m working on a 19th century ghost story. But it’s a big undertaking so I might finish the self-help detective novel or the story set on a sentient farm first.

Gamification/C-Monkeys is a double feature flip book. can you tell us more about it and why you went that route? –

I wanted to have fun with a story that bursts through the barrier of its own cover. So I wrote a corporate suspense story that has, as one of its central clues, a dime store pulp novel. Then I wrote that dime store novel, and made sure there was a lot of overlap between the two books, without all the pieces fitting exactly. It leaves you wondering where one story starts and the other ends. The flip book idea – which the publisher ChiZine loved right away – helps complete the circle, if you get what I mean.

What do readers have to look forward to next? –

I have another novel that just came out, called Flagged Victor, which is based on the story of my oldest friend who robbed banks over a two-year period in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


keith-hollihan3_Photo-credit - Stephanie ColganKeith Hollihan

Keith Hollihan is the author of Flagged Victor and The Four Stages of Cruelty (a Publishers Weekly 2010 Book of the Year). Born in Canada, he has travelled widely, and lived in Japan and the Czech Republic. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.





Keith can be found on twitter / goodreads / web site
Gamification/C-Monkeys can be found on goodreads / amazon / book depository / ChiZine

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  1. Interesting books. Thanks for introducing me to a new author.

  2. I grew up with 1970’s Sci Fi (now I’m dating myself). I look forward to read (and I promise not to make any comparisons).

    Lynn 😛
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