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Vampires do not sparkle. They suck your blood seduce you, glamour you perhaps but they are not 100 year old virgins. They kill, humans are cattle. This anthology focuses on familiar vampires those that existed before they became eunuchs.

Michael West

I enjoyed this anthology and while there are stories that I liked more than others it was good overall.

Story one A New Life was one of my least favourites. It focuses on a guy who stumbles upon a vampire gang or they him. While the story itself I felt was slow what really got me was that this human was given a vampire woman to um play with. He’s food. I simply didn’t see this happening and as with the sparkle think this was inaccurate.

What Once Was Flesh also put a new spin on things though in a much more acceptable way. This story was good and I quite enjoyed it. What new things does a vampire have to learn. According to this story a lot along with who can or cannot be trusted.

The Darkton Circus Mystery was a good read. It examines human nature as well as relationships. I thought it had a very introspective aspect to it as well as being entertaining. Users and abusers. Why people want to stare at caged things and how cruel people can be

Robot Vampire not an outright vampire novel per se but one thing is for sure you don’t cross robot vampire. Good read.

Beneath a Templar Cross is one of my faves. Great read, well written and the author creates quite the beginning for Van Helsing.

The Weapon of Memory is a great story about what makes some what they are. That moment that can effect them and change the very core of their being. Sometimes that thing is a vampire.

The Excavation is a good little story that shows that one should not go digging willy nilly. You could uncover something unpleasant not to mention this is another different spin on the vampire tale with this blood sucking beast being a seemingly unstoppable mist.

Skraeling is a great story about what happens after the zombie apocalypse. What is the thing that ensures our humanity who we are, what we are is preserved.

Dreams of Winter incorporates magic and the poked fun at the expense of the sparkly vampire.

Dracula’s Winkee: Bloodsucker Blues is my favourite story in the anthology and in fact this story alone makes this anthology worth buying. It is so freaking hilarious I was in hysterics. Loved it. Simply loved it. Poking fun at the sex aspect of the virgin vampire, what does Dracula do when he suffers um performance issues? Totally brilliant.

I Fuck Your Sunshine is another great read. About aged vampires and what happens when their food source dries up.

A Soldiers Story is less about vampires and more the horrors of the real world. We fear so often the things our imaginations creates when the real evil is human. Good read.

Rattenkonig is an interesting story about well its about being trapped – about so much that we don’t really see.

Vampire Nation is negotiation, big giant chess moves.

Curtain Call about how your life can change just from going in to a book store.

Interesting reads, one that would be appreciated by those not fans of the sparkly virgins who call themselves vamps but those who miss the blood thirsty vampires of old.

Vampires Don’t Sparkle is available in print and ebook via publisher Seventh Star Press

  1. Sounds like the REAL thing. The cover tells me that Edward is not at home here. LOL Thanks for sharing.
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