Hindsight by Melanie Casey #review

I was pleased to receive this book as I was lucky and won the second book in the series. I prefer to start with book one, unlike my mother who will read a book no matter where in the series it is 🙂

Hindsight Melanie Casey


Cass Lehman has a terrifying ‘gift’…The youngest in a family of extraordinary women with supernatural talents, Cass is cursed with the not-so-sexy gift of seeing the past…but not just any past; she sees death. For years she’s hidden herself away in her family home. Now, desperate for a better life, she ventures into sleepy Jewel Bay, only to stumble upon murder and mayhem and a killer at large who’s long been lurking in their midst. Taking a chance, Cass volunteers to assist Detective Ed Dyson with the investigation. Will Cass be able to save the latest victim – and herself?



Book one starts with Cass who lives quite the reclusive lifestyle due to psychic ability that allows her the ability to experience a dead if she stands where the person died. Not exactly palm reading or staring into a crystal ball pleasant. As such she and her psychic family trio keep to themselves. When she comes to the point that its time to get out there and live life she volunteers to assist the police with their investigation of a woman who has died under mysterious circumstances.

I will say that I quite liked the book and the writing style. Though a formula plot it all works and works well. If one enjoys mysteries, thrillers, crime drama, psychics etc. you’ll enjoy this book and an entertaining read it will be. It has a very wide audience appeal. Great one to take on a plane trip or road trip as the time will fly by, the one issue I have if you can call it that, more an observation really is the fact that its formula, that’s not to say its not enjoyable it certainly is but nothing is unique in that I haven’t read a ton of stories like this prior. The misunderstood loner, the cop who’s had it rough, his tough female partner, their protective but decent boss, the crazy nut job you’ll not know about till the end are all characters who we’re all familiar with in some combination or another.

With an easy to read style Melanie has hit on something that works and as mentioned has a very wide audience appeal. I enjoyed it and while very familiar in so many ways I’ll be reading her second book Craven to see more of where Cass and Ed’s story goes.

It’s a great read and if you want a consistent and familiar story that is sure to entertain Hindsight is the way to go.

Written by Melanie Casey and published by Pantera Press

I received this book from Samara Magazine in exchange for an honest review.

  1. Covers with eyes always get my attention and I love the supernatural. Happy reading!
    sherry fundin recently posted..Who Killed Me? Behind You by Carly M Duncan ReviewMy Profile

  2. This sounds interesting – I’m with you though – I like to start at the first book in a series. Otherwise you’re left in the dark, or there’s so much backstory it renders all predecessors redundant anyway!

    Deborah recently posted..Book review: The Taxidermist’s DaughterMy Profile

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