Black Paintings by James Smythe #review

James Smythe


Title : Black Paintings
Author: James Smythe
Published: 2014
Pages:: 20
Format:: ebook

“I first saw the painting in a gallery in Spain. I was there on business, the day after my diagnosis, and wanted to distract myself before my flight.”

James Smythe (The Machine, Way Down Dark) explores the darker side of art. A furious – and very wealthy – man becomes obsessed with a painting. As he finds himself in the art, he begins to lose what makes him human.

I love the mind of James Smythe. The amazing worlds and characters he creates always make for a great read. This short was one I had to get and it did not disappoint. A wealthy man who learns he is dying takes his love of art to a whole new level. He procures a piece he becomes obsessed with, I myself had to google this piece and it is in fact a very real work of art. A satisfying short into a death spiral of self destruction.

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