Defender by G.X. Todd #review


Title : Defender
Author: G.X Todd
Published: 2017
Pages:: 464
Format:: Print

I requested a review copy of Defender from Hachette Australia as it had a premise that really appealed to me. I did enjoy this book however it was not a perfect read. The characters were well written as was the post apocalyptic world created by the author. The character of Lacey really annoyed me at first with her naivety however the reason for it with her isolation and lack of exposure to the world made sense. I loved Pilgrim, he is a character I can really enjoy.

The voices not quite right. Internal dialogue is common, we all do it often not so internally. The reason for the voices, where, the how, the why may come in one of the future books in the series but I felt that the story lacked with the not knowing in this one particularly being the start of the series and setting the tone. It would have especially appreciated considering that while there were points of the story that kept pace well other parts were slow and plodding with not much happening. As such I sometimes was not really into reading it and other times very much enjoyed myself. It is a good though uneven start to the series. I’m not sure if I’d read more and lean more to the not side, keeping to just this first book in the series. It may however gain steam and improve at holding the readers attention throughout. I think though that I’ll wait for the review of others before proceeding with with book two. Thanks to Hachette for the review copy.


Do you have an inner voice? How does it make you feel? Good? Anxious?

What if your inner voice didn’t belong to you? What if it had a purpose of its own?

And if it asked you to kill.
Would you?

Two heroes – the loner and the teenager.

And a world divided between those who hear and those who don’t.

Defender throws you into an age-old battle but this time the forces of Good and Evil are whispering in your ear.

Do you hear voices?


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