Battering The Stem by Bob Freville #review

Title : Battering The Stem
Author: Bob Freville
Published: 2016
Pages:: 133
Format:: ebook

I thank the author for a review copy. I enjoyed this books grim, violent tale and I appreciate what in the span of just over 100 pages the author has managed to create. Characters well defined, story well crafted though I confess to feeling very white while reading this book. The narrative style was quite frankly beyond me and took some getting used to. There were some parts that I simply couldn’t figure out what the street vernacular was attempted to say. I personally feel it detracted from the story as it then made it hard to keep track of who and what. Overall an entertaining though brutal read.

It’s going to be a long, hellish day on Utica Ave. The employees of Brooklyn’s seediest soul food joint, Clayvon’s King Prawn Chicken N’ Biscuit, have a mysterious new patron: Edgerin. Called a “vagrant” and a “beggar”, he’s got a thing or two to learn them in the delicate art of begging…

Within twenty four tense, bloody hours, all the filthy secrets buried under the nail beds of the Clayvon staff are revealed in this darkly comic urban crime story from author Bob Freville.

  1. ‘Feeling very white’ – that’s an interesting state of mind.

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