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I am not able to take on any new reviews at this time. Any guest post/interviews/book tours will be done on a limited basis due to work/school and other commitments.

I can be contacted by email –  frellathon(at)gmail(dot)com or on the handy form you can find on the contact page.

  1. Please let us know if you’d like to review our novel. It is in its final edit and will be ready the first week of February, 2013.

    Thank you.

    Book Title: WHEREWOLVES
    By John Vamvas and Olga Montes
    Genre(s): YA, Horror, Thriller

    Book Blurb: A group of high school seniors and their teacher, The Sarge, go on a survival training weekend and must face their biggest enemy: themselves. A growl they hear and one by one they disappear. What is out there? Can it really be werewolves?

    Based on the screenplay of the same title. “SPARKLING DIALOGUE… THE WRITING IS SENSATIONAL.” Emmy and Peabody Award winning writer, William Mastrosimone

  2. Hey Jess,

    I sent you a message to your contact email. IF you don’t have time for a review, maybe you could post an excerpt of my novel? Just a thought. Thanks for your time and consideration. Happy reading!

    Ermisenda 🙂
    Ermisenda recently posted..__picture it & writeMy Profile

  3. Jess,

    My name is Kim Sherouse Krewson. I am the author of a book called Secret Namesake Sampler “Proof that God Names All Human Beings”; however, it’s not just a book. I have been researching names for five years. The book features 72 people to introduce the “concept” and prove the “theory”. It consists of short 2-page bios (w/picture) that incorporate the meaning of the person’s names. The stories about these people are very beloved and the manipulation of the names is very clever & intriguing.

    My website is It links to the Amazon ebook or I could mail you a copy of the book.


  4. I am a published midlist author of thrillers (Hodder Headline and more recently HarperCollins UK).

    I am writing to request a review of my book Tarnished Heroes for the first time in the USA. Originally published in Britain by Hodder Headline in 1998, I regained the rights to my backlist, but the manuscript was lost three computers ago. I got Hodder to send me the typeset copy, but it was in an old proprietary format which even THEY no longer used. I therefore had to spend MONTHS cleaning it up before I could publish it (ah, dedication! dedication!)

    Now the task is finished and I have published it for the Kindle – making it available in the USA for the first time. Here are the details:

    Author: David Kessler
    Title: Tarnished Heroes
    Genre: Psychological thriller

    Young policeman Neil Douglas rushes to the aid of a woman who has been stabbed on London’s Hampstead Heath. Seeing a man standing over the body, Neil lashes out with his baton, striking the man in the head. But there is just one problem: the man didn’t attack the woman; he was coming to her aid. Neil has just put an innocent man in a life-threatening coma. And the killer is still on the loose!

    Suspended from duty and tormented by guilt, he is determined to expiate his guilt by tracking down the escaped killer. All the while he is taunted over the airwaves by a pretty but ruthless American phone-in show presenter.

    But who was the dead woman? Who is trying to hide every trace of her past? And does her case have anything to do with another murder case five years ago in which the “innocent man” whom Neil struck was the prime suspect? Neil is determined to find the answers to these questions – even if it costs him his life.

  5. Hi Jess
    If you are interested in some Australian dark speculative fiction, here is the link for my novel Undead Kelly
    I would be happy to send you a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
    If you are still closed to new material, that’s fine.

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