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Ode to da bunneh!

My friend Kriss the Cabin Goddess is having a birthday tomorrow and she’s had it rough lately due to being sick so I thought that girl needs some cheering up. So I am on that because I am such a cool friend. My own hype I have it covered.

Ode to da bunneh!

How do I love thee let me count the ways

  1. You love me!   You have some freaking good taste woman
  2. You love me!   You have really really good taste
  3. You like bacon!   If you were Jewish it would be a little hard to make you one with the meat candy so thanks for being a slave to da porker
  4. You call me sausage porn!   You get and encourage my sex jokes. Hell you are my enabler.
  5. Boobies!   I have seen yours hehe sexay 😉
  6. Boobies!   You have boobies!
  7. Reviews!    Yours rock. Omg you are so braingina smart it hurts my duffusness.
  8. Jshortcodes!  You can figure that shit out
  9. Brains!  You have a ton crammed into your head and when I ask you a question you don’t hate me for not knowing. Awwww hugs
  10. Conspiracy!  You have had me kidnapped by mutant bunneh for your own entertainment. Wait. How did that end end up on the list? O.o We still need to talk about that
  11. Books!   You like my book suggestions a lot. As you should of course
  12. Clowns!  You like the clown nose I sent you and not only liked it wore it and got your man to wear it and then posted pictures of him wearing it on FB for everyone’s amusement lol coolness. Thanks Geoff
  13. Food!   Omg woman I want to marry you so I can keep you in the kitchen cooking for me you make so much yummy tempting deliciousness
  14. Skype!   You video skype with me when drunk on wine and make me giggle so much I almost wet my pants.
  15. Filter!  I don’t have one. I just say shit and you not only don’t get offended you are totally okay with the shit I say. Omg I love you so much for that
  16. You like totally get me dude

There are lot’s of ways, so many the list will never end.

I love you bunneh bacon bitch


The Count kicks fairy butt

Fantastic giveaway on now at The Cabin Goddess. Enter to win books! She is so fantastic she also made the above image. I love it!


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