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Reality Check author Eric Garrison interview

I’m super excited to have Eric on today. He’s a Hydra Publications author, great group of people there. His new book Reality Check was just released and he even has a giveaway on goodreads so pounce on that chance people.



When a quantum supercomputer’s “reality simulator” program causes temporary insanity in its beta-testers, Lee Green rolls up his sleeves and dives into a virtual world to debug the problem. Only he discovers that place is more real than anyone imagined. He finds alternate versions of his friends in that mad science reality, their lives and relationships very different from those in the “real” world. Quantum entanglements become romantic entanglements as he meets his love again in each new dimension. Lee must save these other lives, decide which destiny is truly his, and what he’s willing to sacrifice to get there.





Congrats on joining Hydra Publications. Please tell me how that came about. –

Thank you!  I met Frank Hall, publisher of Hydra Publishing, at his bookstore, That Book Plave in Madison, Indiana.  It was at last year’s Authors Fair.  I didn’t realize Frank was the proprietor or a publisher right away.  He’s very friendly, I don’t think he’s met a stranger.  We got to talking about publishing and self-publishing, and I mentioned Reality Check, since I was rewriting, editing and polishing it. He was interested and asked to see it.  I submitted it months later, and also became involved in a project with Hydra Games.

Reality Check just came out in ebook through Hydra Publications on February 5th, and I’m very pleased!
Your novels are dark in nature demonic possession, sinister fairy folk why do you enjoy going there? –
Demons are slippery monsters, they get right inside you.  Become you.  Wear you like clothing.  I like using demons in stories because a good way to explore some darker natures in otherwise good people.  Was it really the demon, or was the demon just releasing something already there?  Darkness adds a contrast to stories, bringing characters into sharper relief. Stories are all about conflict, so adding some dark mischief or outright malevolence drives that harder.
Your upcoming book Reality Check is sci fi with fantastical steampunk elements is variety the spice of life or is this just so in your writing? –

I am all about variety to keep things fun.  I’d written four books in an urban fantasy series and wanted to do something different.  Also, I’d had this world-hopping science fiction adventure idea rattling around in my head for years and then it finally gelled and I had to write it.

I do plan to return to the Road Ghosts series soon, as I’ve signed a six book contract with Seventh Star Press.  I miss those characters, it’s been too long since I’ve gotten to hang out with them.  I’ll feel the same about my Reality Check characters after some time away as well. Okay, so I already miss them….
Are there any genre that you have yet to take on but would like to do so? –
I’ve done urban fantasy and science fiction… I think I might want to try a more classical fantasy someday. Probably not your stock vaguely Tolkien-esque fantasy world, but something different. The fun thing about Reality Check is, I could possibly take characters from one of that book’s worlds and send them off to a fantasy realm.  How’s that for variety spicing things up, hmmm?
What is your writing space and routine like? –
Most often, I write at or near my basement bar.  It’s out of the way in my house, maybe not as comfortable as other places, but it’s somewhere I can work without distractions and lean into things.  I usually have music going to provide a beat to what I’m writing, anything from celtic music, blues or electronica.  Reality Check was pounded out to the relentless electronic beat of Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy soundtrack.
Some favorite books and authors –
Growing up, I read anything by Heinlein, Asimov and Piers Anthony.  I’ve always been a fan of Tolkien.  In the past couple of decades, I’ve been in love with the works of Neal Stephenson (especially Snow Crash) and John Varley (especially Steel Beach and the Thunder and Lightning books).
What are you reading now? –

I just got done with the Wizard Takes a… stories by Red Tash, and am resuming God’s Cradle, by Michelle Hammond.  Red Tash’s stuff is always whimsical and intense at the same time, I love her writing.  Michelle is an up and coming writer, the book I mentioned isn’t published yet, it’s a science fiction adventure set a thousand years from now as multi-generation colony starships arrive at an Earth-like planet, only to find conflict between the colonists and also the planet’s unfriendly ecosystem.

What is something about you that no one knows? –
I can’t say that NO ONE knows this, but my wife and I were paranormal investigators for many years up until a couple of years ago. I got to be known as the Simon Cowell of ghost photography.  I’m really good at debunking false positives. Still that’s another answer to your question about why I gravitate toward darkness in my stories. I’m interested in things unseen, shadows in the dark.
ericgarrison-tbpEric Garrison is active in the writing community in Indianapolis, Indiana. He lives in the Circle City with his wife, step-daughter and a cabal of cats. He also enjoys gaming, home brewing beer, and finding innovative uses for duct tape.
Eric’s latest novel, Reality Check, is a science fiction adventure released by Hydra Publications.
Eric has also written four urban fantasy novels. These include the Road Ghosts trilogy (to be released by Seventh Star Press), as well as Blue Spirit. His novels are dark supernatural fantasies, dealing with ghosts, demonic possession and even sinister fairy folk.

Eric’s short story, “Drag Show” appeared in the Fall 2011 edition of Strange, Weird and Wonderful Magazine. His flash piece, “Dark Reflection”, appeared in the Indiana Horror 2011 anthology.

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Jealousy Glass by Gwen Perkins book blitz

The Jealousy Glass

Welcome to The Jealously Glass by Gwen Perkins book blitz.
This Hydra Publication recent releace is one to check out and be sure to also look into the previous book by Gwen   The Universale Mirror.




“We came to stop a war before it came to Cercia.  And it seems the war has come to us.”

Responsibility and patriotism spur Cercia’s new leader, Quentin, to protect his beloved country at all costs and he assigns Asahel and Felix to serve as ambassadors and secret agents to Anjdur. Their journey quickly turns awry and Asahel and Felix barely escape a devastating shipwreck, walk a tightrope of political tension, and rescue an empress before they learn they must face an enemy closer to them than they thought.

Will they be able to uncover an assassin’s plot before it’s too late? Will Asahel be able to unearth a secret that is vital to their mission? Will Cercia survive its own revolution? In The Jealousy Glass, Perkins boldly continues a series of unforgettable characters and events that will leave you begging for more.


PhotobucketGwen Perkins has always regarded the deep rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula as the one place that she feels most at home. Gwen grew up in small towns across the Pacific Northwest, going to slug races and strawberry festivals when she wasn’t scribbling on any scrap of paper she could come by. She boasts the dubious distinction of going to a public school with only eight students, learning Irish sea chanteys from a man who sang with the Clancy Brothers, and catching tadpoles during classes.

Her adult life is generally just about as much fun.

She lives in the City of Destiny (better known as Tacoma, Washington). Her hobbies include wandering beaches, baking pies and lampworking. In between all of this, Gwen has written two novels in the Artifacts of Empire series: The Universal Mirror and The Jealousy Glass. The Universal Mirror has been nominated for a 2013 Endeavour Award.

She is presently at work on future novels in the Artifacts of Empire series while working on another series in collaboration with Wilson Fabián Saravia.

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Interview with Kalen from Morning Star by Desiree Finkbeiner

I want to welcome Desiree Finkbeiner today to share about her book Ethos : Morning Star

A character interview with Kalen from the book who shares about his world, himself and his love.

Tell us about your world, Kalen. What is the purpose of your travel
between Earth and Ethos?

In the beginning, our first parents were place on Ethos to gain
experience, and to become the creators of our entire race, also to have dominion
over all other life on Ethos; so long as that dominion was exercised in
righteousness. For them to fulfill their mission, they were given a mushroom
to protect, which contained all the magic of Ethos. This magic was
the source of all magic, which was to be divided among all living creatures
for their benefit. But it was forbidden for any living creature to
partake of it while in the flesh, lest they live forever in their wicked
ness. The only correct way to receive a portion of its magic was through
lineage and ceremony.
As the first parents populated the world with their creations, the tempt
ation for their children to partake of the mushroom was far too enticing
for them to resist. So they hid the mushroom on Earth, to keep it safe
from their own children. As Earth became a developing world, man threate
ned the safety of the mushroom, so warriors were sent to watch over it,
to protect it from humanity. Though it was still in danger on Earth, the
implications of the mushroom being use for evil was far greater if it had
remained on Ethos. Thus, the Daghoon Warriors were called and chosen
from the purest and most obedient children of Ethos.
I was called to that order of duty as a high ranking warrior of Ethos, sworn
to protect the deep magic of Ethos, even to the giving of my life.

What brought you to have to bear this life of solitude? Was it by

As I mentioned, one must be called, but the choice to decline such a mission
is still available to the individual. But my heart was filled with
compassion and duty to serve my kindred. I had never denied a call from
the universe, so I accepted the call and swore an oath to complete my mission
with honor, no matter the cost.

How do you deal with being alone all the time?

Fortunately, I’m not entirely alone. True, that I rarely see another face
like my own, and even human friendship is limited to trading for supplies.
Relegated to vagabond, I spend my days becoming acquainted with nat
ure and the creatures of the Earth. But I’m also blessed to be accompanied
by the select drones of my Queen dragonfly. They are my trackers and
only friends, so they are dear to me indeed. Though, I once had a horse
for companionship while stationed in China during one of my missions. He
was a lovely creature.

If there was anything you could change about your life, what would it be and why?

I would change nothing. I am who I am today because of my triumphs
and mistakes. Pain refines the soul, and I cherish every moment in
life because tomorrow always brings the culmination of the past. This
life is for experience, though some experiences are bought with a

You’re a career military man, I’ve heard. How long were you in the

From the time of my coming of age. I was only a boy when I was called
to the office of daghoon warrior, and training began immediately. I
was taken from my home and placed in a military monastery, completely
immersed in training to recondition my thoughts and actions.
Everything I do is related to my duty as protector of our deepest
magic, and there were times my training was so brutal that I was sent
to the healers to recover. During my military training, I also
received spiritual training from the elders to teach me how to
harness my gifts to their full potential.

What’s the one thing you have always wanted to do but

I always wanted to find love, but my station and calling forbid it.
As a consolation, I was allowed the special opportunity to become the
companion of Lebion, my queen dragonfly. And though I’m sure it
doesn’t compare to the connection shared between husband and wife, it
is a very rare and special connection nonetheless. Lebion empowers me
with a spiritual connection to the universe that few will ever find
in mortal life.

Kalen, tell us the honest truth, when did you fall in love
with Bree? At first sight? Or did it take a while?

It wasn’t until I studied her afterglow. I saw such purity and
strength that I felt immediately connected to her. But I fought it,
buried it, and resisted the temptation to love her. Then, when I
thought I had failed her, when I turned my back for only a moment and
she fell into the hands of Ellette’s minions, I knew I couldn’t live
my live without her. Sometimes, one doesn’t know what they have until
it’s lost.

How many girlfriends did you have before her?

As a very young boy, I remember having simple attractions…. crushes,
I believe you call them… but they were innocent and never allowed to blossom. I
was taken from the world of courtship and thrust into a military life
early on. I’d never even kissed a fae… Brianna was my first and only
love. Though, admittedly, I spent many nights dreaming of what it
would be like to have a companion to love and hold. The elders told
me it was even forbidden to dream of love, so I forced it from my
mind… until Brianna entered my world. Forcing her from my mind would
be like stopping the beating of my own heart.

And in your relationship with Bree, how are you different with
her than you are with your family and friends? Why do you think this

My relationship to my parents was very formal, and before Brianna,
the only female love I knew was that of my mother. I didn’t have many
friends, other than the dragonflies, since my mission was very
solitary. Most of my relationships have been with the elders and my
training officers. As a daghoon, I was taught that relationships were
dangerous, that they could endanger my mission, used against me. In
spite of my lack of connection to others, I was still taught to have
compassion on all forms of life. It was through the dragonflies and
the animals of Earth that I learned to respect life in even the
meekest form. But with Brianna, I have been opened to an entirely
new level of understanding about the universe and how love can
empower its recipient. My greatest source of strength however,
also seems to be my greatest weakness.

What parts of loving come easy for you? And what’s Hard?

Love, in essence, was always easy to possess, so long as I did not let it possess me. I am the master of my own heart, but I’ve learned that in loving an equal, one must give their heart to their companion.

So it was with Brianna, I’ve given my heart to her, and while it was easy to give, it was also the hardest thing I’ve ever done… especially since I’ve been indoctrinated to deny myself of such a connection for so long.

If you were granted three wishes, what would you ask for?

First, to wish for an end to the war so that all sentient beings may
find peace. Second, a wish to an alliance between the worlds of Ethos
and Earth, that we may comingle peaceably. And third, a wish for all
beings to have their agency to choose for themselves, without evil
constantly trying to force its will on others… but then again,
without opposition in life, would there even be a choice? Would there
even be an understanding of love or peace?

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Indie Author Hop

Welcome to another giveaway hop. Thank you to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Krazy Book Lady for hosting

I will be giving away pretty much any indie book I’ve featured on my blog in ebook format of choice as long as it’s up to $6.00. You can also pick a book that hasn’t been on my blog as long as the author has and again is indie, is ebook and up to $6









You can select any Seventh Star Press book or author. Perhaps Annihilation of Foreverland, Garden of Apples ( still trying to get confirmation from the author it’s available as ebook ) any from Hydra publications, Shadow of Kings, Click,  All Her Father’s Guns, Tantric Zoo or other Rob Loughran book, Gods Eye, Charles Colyott, Dark Side of the Moon etc. etc.









Browse my blog check the reviews or author interviews if one of their books sound good to you and is $6 or under let me know in a comment.

Open internationally, please fill in the rafflecopter form then check out the others participating and thanks for supporting indie authors and publishers.

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Author interview with Raven and Lain Bower

I’m thrilled to have Hydra publications author Raven and Lain Bower on for an interview. The husband and wife duo are the authors of many books, their newest one is Primal.

Pursued by a ruthless crime lord after witnessing the murder of an FBI agent, Wrey must rebuild the life they stole from her. When she meets mysterious Arvon Night, her precious new life unravels as she’s thrust into a web of betrayal, lust and violence.

Arvon knows he must slay Wrey to keep his secret safe from those who hunt him. Each hour his enemies stalk closer, ready to kill.

Can Wrey’s powers of nature and spirit help her survive the yearning and dangerous Arvon and the tide of peril he brings with him? Or will an opportunistic hitman take advantage of them both?


Please tell me about yourselves –

Raven says: Lain is a sexy, adorable geek. He’s the techy side, even as we speak he’s disemboweling a Carver amp with his cute little mole light. He even gave me a rectifier as a gift.

Writing wise he’s the logic side and with his martial arts background, he has a very good sense of flow with action and fight scenes.

Lain says: Raven is the most beautiful flower, the brightest star and the most deadly, vicious, cunning character slayer of all time.

In addition to that, she never stops thinking and talking about stories, characters and how everyday things can be written about in an interesting way. She’s a natural storyteller who is always full of surprises – on many, many levels.

What is your work space and routine like? –

We usually brainstorm and write in our study, which Lain designed. He created a wonderful old-world style feel with a chandelier, floor to ceiling bookshelves and antique desks.

Our work routine varies, depending on what stage of writing we’re at. But generally, Lain works at night after I’m in bed and I work during the day. We tag-team weekends or work together, depending on what needs to be done.

What is it like being a writing duo? –

Pure torment! Just kidding. It has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that if you really don’t feel like doing something, you can make the other one do it. The disadvantage is that there can easily be lack of communication, which can cause conflict of the bad kind. So we’ve learned that we have to be blunt and speak with absolute clarity with one another about writing elements.

How does the writing happen when two are involved? –

We each design our respective characters, formulate ideas and then bring them together to a centralized theme or idea. From there we let the characters loose and the chain reaction begins!

Does one have a more prominent role in the writing and post publication work or do you try to split that evenly? –

Our approach to the writing process is natural; whoever feels the strongest vibe for a scene or has a better grounding of the viewpoint character is the one who writes the scene. We each have a good feel of each other’s passions, interests and skill. While we let the other loose, we also employ our own checks and balances on each other.

All in all, Raven is the plot designer, second reviser, communicator with the test readers, final draft approver, and handles most of the post publication work.

Lain is the plot approver, fight scene designer, first editor and first reviser.

Do you try to keep work separate or does it end up unavoidably incorporated with home life? –

Because we both do it, it’s very much a part of our home life. The kids even get incorporated within the work and for example, help choose how some creatures look. Our middle son, a blooming artist, even designed the look of our mermaids and a new bird species for our fantasy world.

You have screenplays written, film rights sold it sounds like an exciting time –

It is! And it has us begging for even more excitement. We just landed another script writing gig for a moody piece we’re simply giddy about. Okay, Raven is giddy and Lain finds it creepy.

But most of all we’re looking forward to our readers’/viewers’ reactions to the movies. They are, ultimately, why we work the hours we do – to bring them the best entertainment that we can.

How did signing with Hydra Publications happen? –

Raven found Hydra on a list of speculative fiction publishers and she loved their Hydra logo – she’s a bit of a creature freak. She queried Hydra’s editor, Frank, and he asked for the first three chapters. A while later he asked for the full and soon thereafter, offered a contract. Hydra has a solid, author friendly contract and Raven liked working with him so – it’s a signed deal now. Frank also has Smoke, book two of the Vengeance series, slated for an early 2013 release.

Please tell me about Primal? –

Primal is book one of our Vengeance urban fantasy series. It revolves around Wrey, a sort of modern day druid, who witnesses the murder of an FBI agent and is whisked into Witness Protection.

Unfortunately, she’s not as safe as she and her US Marshal friend, Billie, think. When she crosses paths with Arvon, a brutal renegade werewolf, her fragile new world is shattered by lust, violence and betrayal.

It’s very gritty – we pull no punches in showing the world of the werewolves in all their brutal glory. We give the reader privy to a ruthless Chicago crime lord and the inner workings of his hit man.

How long till you got to the finished submitted draft? –

We built the world, characters, plot and completed the rough draft in about three months. Then it took another three months to get it revised, edited, through our test readers, honed and then polished. So six months in total.

What about future works what do we have to look forward to? –

Many things! We’re in the editing process for the first book in our new fantasy series – Weeping Dark: Bleeding Edge, which will be out late 2012/early 2013. The final book of the Apparitions series, Rags Beneath, will be released this year as well. We’re also in the revision process for a new fantasy novella, Nymph’s Lair, which will also be out this year. After that, we have another fantasy novel (which kicks off a new series) that Raven has plotted and ready to write, and then Smoke, the sequel to Primal. Plus as working on the Apparitions movie, a new script that we can’t disclose yet and, potentially, working on Primal’s movie (the script is under consideration).

No rest for the wicked and we love it 😀


The couple can be found on their web site.

The newest book Primal is available on amazon now along with their other works.