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Carnage Road tour and review

Pump Up Your Books had a short novella zombie read available and as I love short reads and zombie books it was an immediate why yes, yes I’d be happy to take part.

I got a fun entertaining short read out of it done in a couple hours. Carnage Road by Gregory Lamberson is fast paced with almost non stop action limited on the conversation. Sadly the book would drop off anytime someone did have something to say as the talkers were annoying and/or had nothing to say I wanted to hear. A major downer to say the least but the talkers were quickly killed off or dropped off in the story which would pick things back up again nicely.

The story about bikers after the zombie outbreak gives a different point of view than what tends to be the norm in a zombie story. This gives it an interesting perspective. The story is a very quick read. Enjoyable and entertaining, flawed however and with some grammatical errors. I found one paragraphed repeated twice for example so not sure if I received a review copy that was the final edit or not. Either way it was a good quick little read.

Thanks to Pump Up You BooksCreeping Hemlock Press and Gregory Lamberson.

The tale centers on Boone and Walker, the last two members of the Floating Dragons motorcycle gang, who set out on a cross country odyssey during the zombie apocalypse.


Gregory Lamberson is the author of five published horror novels and one nonfiction book on independent filmmaking. A two-time winner of the IPPY Gold Medal for Horror for his novels Johnny Gruesome and Personal Demons, and a three-time Bram Stoker Award finalist, he has three books scheduled for 2012: his zombie novella Carnage Road, from Creeping Hemlock Press; The Frenzy War, Book Two in his werewolf series “The Frenzy Cycle” from Medallion Press; and Tortured Spirits, Book Four in his occult detective series “The Jake Helman Files,” also from Medallion. An Active member of International Thriller Writers and the Horror Writers Association, Lamberson also has a following as a cult horror film director and is best known for Slime City and Slime City Massacre.