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Seventh Star Press free book week

Seventh Star Press will be offering a ton of their books free this Christmas week. Are you getting a kindle for Christmas or giving one? Fill that awesome new toy with a ton of free books.

I’ve read all but one of these books and highly recommend getting them all if you don’t have them already. Enjoy the free reads and have a bookish good Christmas

From December 24-28th, SSP has an open house on Amazon Kindle including all of its authors who have eBooks available!  Many genres and styles available!  All books include cover art and interior artwork   from the award-winning artists Matthew Perry and Bonnie Wasson! The free books include the following (along with additional titles available for sale from each author):
Spook House by Michael West (horror, a Harmony, Indiana Novel.  Other Harmony Indiana tales include the novel Cinema of Shadows, and th…e short stories Goodnight, and For the River is Wide and the Gods Are Hungry.  Michael’s urban fantasy series The Legacy of the Gods includes Book One, Poseidon’s Children)
Redheart by Jackie Gamber (YA Fantasy, Book One of the Leland Dragon Series.  Book Two, Sela, is available) http://www.amazon.com/Redheart-Leland-Dragon-Series-ebook/dp/B004VFNJIA
Haunting Obsession by R.J. Sullivan (Paranormal Thriller, A Rebecca Burton Novella.  Also available from R.J. is Backstage Pass, a Rebecca Burton Short Story) http://www.amazon.com/Haunting-Obsession-ebook/dp/B008Y2SVS4
The Brotherhood of Dwarves by D.A. Adams (YA Fantasy, Book One of the Brotherhood of Dwarves Series.  Book Two, Red Sky at Dawn, Book Three, The Fall of Dorkhun, and Book Four, Between Dark and Light are also available) http://www.amazon.com/The-Brotherhood-of-Dwarves-ebook/dp/B0076OCAKG
Angelkiller by H. David Blalock (Urban Fantasy, Book One of the Angelkiller Triad.  Book Two, Traitor Angel, is also available) http://www.amazon.com/Angelkiller-The-Triad-ebook/dp/B006CR84AI
Overkill by Steven Shrewsbury (Sword and Sorcery, a Gorias La Gaul Story.  Other available Gorias La Gaul tales include the novel Thrall, and the short stories Author and Finisher of Our Flesh, Beginning of the Trail, and Insurmountable) http://www.amazon.com/Overkill-ebook/dp/B007X0G9IW
Crown of Vengeance by Stephen Zimmer (Epic Fantasy, Book One of the Fires in Eden Series.  Book Two, Dream of Legends, and Book Three, Spirit of Fire, are also available, as well as the short stories set in the same world, including Lion Heart, Land of Shadow, and Into Glory Ride.  Stephen’s urban fantasy series, The Rising Dawn Saga, includes Book One, The Exodus Gate, Book Two, The Storm Guardians, and Book Three, The Seventh Throne, as well as the short story set in the same world, Temples Rising.)http://www.amazon.com/Crown-Vengeance-Fires-Eden-ebook/dp/B0039PU8EQ
The seven titles spotlighted above are free on Kindle the entire week from Monday through Friday!

Free book days

Free my favorite price yeah yeah I’m cheap. Don’t look at me like that if you’re reading this then so are you. It’s okay being awesome is a good thing.

Today I’m sharing about two great books available on amazon for free last day is today. Both from my friends at Seventh Star Press.

Cinema of Shadows by Michael West is a fun horror read. Scare the pants off you and entertain you all at once. You can’t beat that. Free on amazon so get it today





Welcome to the Woodfield Movie Palace. The night the Titanic sank, it opened for business…and its builder died in his chair. In the 1950s, there was a fire; a balcony full of people burned to death. And years later, when it became the scene of one of Harmony, Indiana’s most notorious murders, it closed for good. Abandoned, sealed, locked up tight…until now. Tonight, Professor Geoffrey Burke and his Parapsychology students have come to the Woodfield in search of evidence, hoping to find irrefutable proof of a haunting. Instead, they will discover that, in this theater, the terrors are not confined to the screen.


The Exodus Gate by Stephen Zimmer some excellent urban fantasy to read. Entertainment and a brainy story. Great reads both and free on amazon so be sure to get them





The Exodus Gate is the first book of a sweeping, epic-scale urban fantasy series with dystopian and apocalyptic themes from the imagination of Stephen Zimmer.

The Rising Dawn Saga begins with a prologue that calls to mind the imagery of Milton’s Paradise Lost, and then introduces Benedict Darwin, the host of a popular late night radio show dealing with the paranormal and the things of myth, legend, and conspiracy. Benedict comes into possession of a virtual reality simulator that turns out to be something far greater, and far more dangerous than he ever expected.

Supernatural powers from the Abyss are aiding humans at the heights of political and economic power in a centuries-old movement called The Convergence. It is focused on bringing the world under one political and economic authority, one that erases borders between nations and governs all populations across the world.

A tale of courage, hope, and adventure, with fantastical realms and exotic characters, The Exodus Gate is a unique story that blends fantasy, science fiction, the paranormal, horror, and military thriller elements into a powerful voice within the realms of urban fantasy.

Book tour : Overkill by Steven Shrewsbury

I’m pleased to have Steven Shrewsbury on today for an interview to discuss his latest book Overkill, today’s my day on the book tour but many others are taking part as well. I’ve got the list of blogs taking part below the interview, be sure to check them out and read up some more on Overkill, many are having giveaways so go take a look and enter.



Thanks for being on Steven, please tell us about yourself –

SS: I’m a blue collar guy, live on a farm and have been telling stories my
entire life. Even in the sandbox I had army men trying to take the walls of
Jericho. I write hardcore fantasy and historical horror.

What do you do when not writing?

SS: Work at a printing factory, wrangle my two sons, enjoy the outsdie
world and listen to a lot of sports radio.

What is your work space and routine like?

SS: I have a wooden desk in the corner of a huge front room (decorated
kinda antebellum style, the room that is); The top of the desk is strewn
with collected silliness that says alot about me: A statue of Shakespeare,
a small Cletic cross, a vial of dirt from Robert E. Howard’s grave, a
precious moments bear, a glass collie dog, an evil mask made by one son, a
Boba Feet action figure, and authentic arrow heads. I arise early each day
and answer email and try to get edits done, then the real writing comes
later after lunch before I have to get to work in the evening.

Favorite books and authors?

Howard; BLOODSTONE by Karl Edward Wagner,CALGIRCH THE SWORDSMAN by Gordon Shirrifs; LAST OF THE BREED by Louis L’Armour; BEST SERVED COLD by Joe

What are you reading now?

SS: BEFORE THEY WERE HANGED by Joe Abecrombie; SHOILOH by Shelby Foote

You have multiple books published many of which I’ve found from my
research to be horror, why the change to sword and sorcery?

SS: I started with S&S lol but at times write in other genres. It all
depends what gets accepted. Sometimes, ya gotta get the sword down and
swing. GODFORSAKEN, history-fantasy was my first novel before HAWG and the

Do you think you will write more horror while at Seventh Star Press?

I have two horror novels coming up from bad Moon Books, HELL BILLY and LAST
MAN SCREAMING. I’m not opposed to doing horror for Seventh Star as they are
terrific to work with. I’m alway working on something new.

How did you become part of the Seventh Star Press family?

SS: Stephen Zimmer saw me read at HYPERICON and we got to know each other.
I begged to sub something to him, THRALL and in time, the editors accepted.

Gorias is quite the ladies man is there more lady love for him in

SS: I dunno about romance, haha, but I think Gorias beds 4 different women

Is Overkill more a sequel to Thrall or is it stand alone?

SS: It stands alone, but is a prequel to THRALL.

Tell us about Overkill what do we have to look forward to?

SS: It’s a broad fantasy tale, full of action, pirates, wild folks, monsters, demons and dragonfire. Gorias is contracted by aging Queen Garnet of Transalpina to  attain the last heir to her throne, lost amongst the
pirates. With an Amzon guard Goria ssets out on hsi quest all while trying to figure the oppressive motives of a new local religion to trip him up and hwo is slaying politicians with dragonfire. It’s a harsh work, rough and tumble, with a twist Rod Serling would envy at the end.


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