The Unquenchable Fire by D.A. Adams #review

DA Adams

Title : The Unquenchable Fire : Low-Down, Desperate & Damned : Episode Two
AuthorD.A. Adams
Published: 27th Feburary 2015
Pages:: 44
Format:: Ebook


After losing his faith during the Civil War, fallen preacher Sam Skeen now serves the leaders of the seedy river town of New Port, handling business outside the law like protecting the town’s brothels. His dreams are haunted by the horrors of the war, and Sam wants nothing more than to drink away his misery. But on Stone Mountain, a strange evil torments livestock and terrifies the farmers. Sam is hired to investigate, and what he finds will transform his life forever.

This is my favourite book by the author to date. I really enjoyed this story, the character and plot developed nicely and while supernatural the human aspect of the story with redemption and finding ones true self felt very real. Highly entertaining and gripping read. Totally recommend.

The Exit by author Helen Fitzgerald #review @FitzHelen

Helen Fitzgerald

Title : The Exit
Author: Helen Fitzgerald
Published: Allen & Unwin, 25th Feburary 2015
Pages:: 239
Format:: Paperback print


Some people love goodbyes…

23-year-old Catherine is mainly interested in Facebook and flirting, but she reluctantly takes a job at a local care home after her mother puts her foot down – and soon discovers that her new workplace contains many secrets.

One of the residents at the home, 82-year-old Rose, is convinced that something sinister is going on in Room 7 and that her own life is under threat. But Rose has dementia – so what does she actually know, and who would believe her anyway?

As Catherine starts investigating Rose’s allegations, terrible revelations surface about everyone involved. Can Catherine find out what’s really going on before it’s too late?

I really enjoyed this book and it would be 3.5 stars if I was inclined to dish out star ratings. Catherine initially comes off as a rather annoying and shallow young woman which I guess she is but over the course of the story she grows and matures. While this story is extremely creepy and odd in particular the end I also see it as a coming of age story for a very immature individual who through quite unusual circumstances learns a lot about herself and what is important in life.

I work in aged care and I’m studying nursing so this was quite interesting to me for the blurb but Catherine working in a care home is less about the work there and far more about herself, her relationship with her mother and those around her, Rose a resident in the care home in particular.

I found in the beginning the alternating points of view of Catherine and Rose confusing in particular with Rose alternating between young and old Rose though as time progressed it not only was fine but very intricate to the story.

The care home holds many secrets or does it? This questions runs through the whole book is something going on at Dear Green of is the mind of poor Rose conjuring curiosities. I shan’t give that away but do think its worth a read to find out.

I enjoyed this one so much the author is now on my radar and I simply must read more of her work. Highly recommend.

This book qualifies for both the Australian Woman Writers Challenge as well as the Aussie Author Challenge

Thank you to Allen & Unwin for the review copy.

Useful by @DebraOswald1 #review

Debra Oswald



Title : Useful
Author: Debra Oswald
PublishedPenguin, January 28th 2015
Pages:: 320
Format:: Paperback print


Sullivan Moss is useless.

Once a charming underachiever, he’s now such a loser that he can’t even commit suicide properly. Waking up in hospital after falling the wrong way on a rooftop, he comes to a decision. He shouldn’t waste perfectly good organs just because they’re attached to his head. After a life of regrets, Sully wants to do one useful thing: he wants to donate a kidney to a stranger.

As he scrambles over the hurdles to become a donor, Sully almost accidentally forges a new life for himself. Sober and employed, he makes new friends, not least radio producer Natalie and her son Louis, and begins to patch things up with old ones, like his ex-best mate Tim. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of him.

But altruism is not as easy as it seems. Just when he thinks he’s got himself together, Sully discovers that he’s most at risk of falling apart.

From the creator of Offspring comes a smart, moving and wry portrait of one man’s desire to give something of himself.

This was a great light funny read while also being quite thoughtful and reflective. Sully a character one could easily find less than appealing is instead a character one sympathises with and the reader feels for hoping he gets his life back on track after many years of being the black sheep of the crowd. Sully fails even at killing himself so to redeem himself he decides he’ll donate a kidney. Quite the leap and in the process of taking care of that kidney and trying to convince the hospital his intentions are true and good he has the chance for many a redemption. I liked this novel and found the characters flawed and yet so very real and average in many ways. People you’d actually come into contact with on a daily basis and incorporating that into a funny endearing redemptive story I found myself liking and enjoying the journey not just of Sully but his friends or ex-friends and those around him. Debra has done a great job and I look forward to future work from her hopefully equally as funny and likeable.


This book qualifies for both the Australian Woman Writers Challenge as well as the Aussie Author Challenge

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